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COVID-19 Resources

Additional Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Additional Resources

Disinfection Tunnels

Teachers Refusing To Report For Duty Or Disrupting Schools During Covid-19 And Disciplinary Processes To Be Followed.

Media Statement Angie Motshekga - 07 June 2020.

NAISA Risk Based Approach For Schools Reopening

ACSI Protocols For A COVID Case

Risk Factors for Severe COVID

The Rights Of Schools In Regards To Processing Information Of Learners And Staff And The Rights To Test For The Virus.

NAISA COVID19 Proposal - HEDCOM Subcomitteee Presentation

Staff Risk Assessment

Learner Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Template Covid-19

Frequently Answered Questions. Useful For Schools That Have A SCHOOL HOSTEL

NAISA Response to the Proposals to Re-open Schools by

Pay Your School Fees April20

Matric University Applications

An Example of a Survey Document Used - Technology Status

School Reopening Hygiene Plan Example

COVID -19 Return to School Plan Flyer

ACSI Post COVID-19 Document

Report On Home Learning

Planning Matrx For Re- Opening Schools

Employment Challenges During The National Lockdown 22 April 2020