Change Management

Presenter: Maree van Zyl
012 941 1546


2 Hours

Audience: Teachers & Leaders

Change is a process, and not often a preferable one. It does not, however, need to be an obstacle. The aim of this course is to highlight the opportunities that arise from necessary and valuable change. The ITSI Change Management course provides you with the theory and practical tools to streamline your change process. During this course, we will explore the science of change and understand the theory of keeping your school healthy during the change process. This theory is supplemented with practical tools in the form a change agent checklist and communication matrix to help you plan for the future. The course concludes with some thoughts on the function and timing of training followed by success stories of schools who have enhanced the way they teach. Notional Hours (Pre-reading and facilitated session) = 8 hours, Facilitated session = 2 hours. Available to present face to face.