Capstone Christian School

School Profile: Capstone Christian School

Shaun Brandon – Director

Capstone Christian Education Institute is the legal registered entity for both Bumble Bee Crèche and Capstone Christian Primary School. Bumble Bee Crèche was started in 2013 by Shaun and Deana Brandon with Deana as director and manager at Bumble Bee.

Capstone Christian Primary School was started not long after that, in 2016, after a need for growth and expansion was identified. Both institutions have experienced tremendous growth since. We currently employ 25 staff and are growing annually as we add new grades and staff each year.
We are the leading pastors of Rhema Rock Family Church here in Grahamstown and this experience and journey has given us a passion for people and especially for children and education, in which we have been actively involved for a number of years.

Deana has been involved in ECD and Foundation Phase education for more than 25 years and is no stranger to starting and growing day cares and crèches. This is her fourth crèche established in different towns in the Eastern Cape.
Shaun, on the other hand, has been actively involved with entrepreneurship, small business, business management and development for more than 20 years. We are at a point in our journey where we need to acquire our own property to accommodate the rapid growth that we are experiencing each year. It will also give us an opportunity to reconcile Bumble Bee Crèche and Capstone on one property.
Our Vision:
We Create Crowning Christ-Centred Education and Training Achievement Opportunities.
Our Mission:
We Provide an Environment that is Conducive for Teaching and Learning
We Are Word-Based and Christ-Centred
We Prioritise the Needs of the Learner
We Offer Quality Education with Exceptional Value
We Teach the Future
We are Advancing the Kingdom of GOD through Education