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Luke 6:38

23 November 2021

In this edition, please take note of the following documents,
• PAIA Manual Template
• DSD migration to DBE Article
• One Pager about Promotion Schedules
• ECD/Foundation Phase 2022 Conference tickets and preamble
• Principal Appraisal Details
• ECD SETA Bursaries Registration
• ACSI 2022 Partnership Contribution Structure
• Planned 2022 Events • PHAROS Textbook Catalogue .. .

Psalm 32:8

11 November 2021

In this edition, please take note of the following documents concerning the issue of the weighting of SBA and Examinations.
• Circular S16 of 2021
• Circular S17 of 2021
• Circular S7 of 2020
• NAISA letter to the DG
• DG response to the letter .. .

Psalm 31:3

04 November 2021

In this edition please pay attention to:
• A Circular covering Mark Adjustment/condonation and an amended Gazette regarding spectators for school activities
• ACSI ECD Centre Bullying Policy
• Emerging Leaders Initiative round two (ELI.2) registrations
• Recordings are available for the ACSI National Online Conference: Let’s Talk About Sex Ed.
• Principal Appraisals Instrument
• 2022 SETA Bursary Application (Applications close tomorrow, 05 November 2021)
• ACSI office announcements and upcoming events
.. .

Psalm 31:3

12 October 2021

In this edition please pay attention to:
• Documents from the DSD and Social Justice
• Registration and programme details for the ACSI 2021 National Online Conference - Comprehensive Sexuality Conference: Let’s talk about Sex Ed
• ACSI APP launch
• Upcoming events, Africa day of Prayer and Principal Meeting registrations • Salary survey reminder!
• SETA Bursary Application online form and process (South Africa ACSI Schools Only)
• UMVUZO Health Survey . .. .

Proverbs 3:13-18

14 September 2021

In this edition please pay attention to:
• Registration details about the 2021 ACSI National Online Conference - Comprehensive Sexuality Conference: Let’s talk about Sex Ed
• Upcoming ACSI events
• Salary survey reminder . .. .

Psalms 86:12-13

7 September 2021

In this edition please pay attention to:
• The 2021 ACSI School Salary Survey Participation
• ACSI Upcoming Events, including The ACSI ECD Conference this Friday and Saturday 10 and 11 September 2021
• ACSI Bible Book Orders and Biblically Integrated Caps
• Next Prayer Hour: Tuesday 19 October @15:00 . .. .

Ephesians 3:19

17 August 2021

In this edition there are many wonderful ACSI online event opportunities. We encourage you to save it to your calendar and share it with your staff. We are also very excited about the launch of the 3rd Edition ACSI Purposeful Design Elementary Bible series and we are running a school pack promotion. Please place your orders by 31st of August 2021. .. .

James 1:17

20 July 2021

Amended 2021 Calendar and Gazette regarding the reopening of schools. ECD vaccination media statement and provincial reps. Feedback regarding the PEPUDA Bill. Upcoming events updates and ZOOM details for Regional Teacher Conferences, Financial Administrators Discussion Forums, National conferences, Emerging Leaders Initiative, Principal meetings and more. ACSI Prayer meeting is scheduled for the 25th of August at 3pm. Please take time to see the resources available under point 5 and 6. .. .

Isaiah 49:15

12 July 2021

Please see the latest communication from the Directors Desk with urgent information regarding the ECD Vaccination rollout. The Department of Education feedback and school closures. Please join us for an online prayer session on Thursday 15th July 14:00 to 15:00 .. .

James. 1:17

21 June 2021

Please see the latest ACSI From the Director’s Desk 21 June 2021 attached. This edition has important information regarding the Covid Vaccine for Education. .. .

Isaiah. 6:8

07 June 2021

In this letter is important Amended Government Gazettes, regarding school calendars, sports and primary schools returning back to school. NAISA letter meeting about the vaccine role out and an UMALUSI notice. The Cyber Crime Act, Umvuzo and STADIO announcements. ACSI Events and exciting ACSI Emerging Leaders Initiative. n.. .

Ephesians 4.32

25 May 2021

Please see the latest news from the Director’s Desk providing the Circular regarding the temporary suspension of sport, feedback from a meeting with Umalusi. Popi Registration and Upcoming ACSI Activities, Resources and Partnerships.... .

Jeremiah 29:11

06 May 2021

Updates regarding subject weightings and the ECD relief fund. SASAMS Modernisation programme survey and the ACSI Financial administrators survey. Prayer requests and upcoming events. ACSI Partnerships with SmartFunder and Ed-admin, and the collaborations with FEDSAS. IEB support request from Simond in Western Cape.... .

John 17:15

21 April 2021

Find out more about the updated National Assessments for Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phase. Important announcements from SA_SAMS, SACE, Government Gazette, DSD and IEB. FOR SA call to action regarding Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Amendment Bill and Christian Education Advocacy. New upcoming events such as the United we pray for schools campaign... .

Gal. 6:2

08 April 2021

See our upcoming face to face and online networking opportunities. New activities from SAOU and ACSI Zimbabwe. ACSI Partnership renewal reminders and deactivation notice. SETA funding processes and finalisation.. .

John 3:16

29 March 2021

Latest Gazette regarding sport and extra-curricular activities, EEIG relief funding, UMALUSI and SACE feedback, ACSI administration and upcoming events.

Joshua 1:9

11 March 2021

NAISA has engaged with The DBE to discuss school Extra-Curricular activities amendments. Resources: Project Plan for Camping regarding Covid-19 protocol. POPI Act resource page. ACSI Principal meeting feedback. ACSI partnership renewal and latest news.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8 

19 February 2021

How is the POPI Act effecting schools on a day-to-day basis? POPI Act training dates and recommended journey outline of how to get your school read for this new act. Preparations and invitation to the global day of prayer.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8

16 February 2021

Official gazette regarding, school attendance, opening of hostel and extra curricula activities. School readiness statement and UMALUSI approval of the 2020 exam results. ACSI 2021 Partner School process. ECD employment stimulus relief funding and POPI Act training update. .

James 4:8

09 February 2021

Standard operating procedures for reopening schools, hostels and answers to commencing extra-curricular activities. ECD Employment stimulus relief fund process. Updates to the 2021 calendar. Welcoming Bastiaen Norel to the ACSI team.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8

25 January 2021

Confirmation of when independent schools may open. Welcoming new Staff member Philip Theron, conference opportunities, ACSI resources and communication procedures. Invitations to principal meetings as well as global day of prayer.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8

19 January 2021

Discussions around the Governments directions for re-opening school. Directions issued in amended Disaster Management Act by the Minister of Education Angie Motshekga. The return to school for all learners is under the provision that all the health, and safety measures.

Deuteronomy 31:6,8

15 January 2021

Unpacking questions and concerns regarding when can schools open. The latest statements made by the DBE, NAISA meetings taking place and ACSI recommendations for off site learning and learning solutions.

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