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CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679

Contact: Lydia Kies

Position: Director


Evergreen Parenting provides training material that consists of Christian principles on parenting and education. Based on Psalm 1, it provides hope and inspiration for parents and educators to feel evergreen during every season of raising a child and teaching them. The material has been developed by Hettie Brittz, author of ‘Growing Kids with Character‘ (David C Cook 2018). We invite you to join the Evergreen@School Initiative to give parents and educators in your community access to an online video course focused on children aged 0-5 years old. We offer three opportunities for preschools: sponsorship, membership or fundraising. Please go to our website for more information.

Contact: Dr Sarie Snyders

Position: Training Director

082 6572 701

Isivuno Training strives to offer training and support to preschool teachers of under-privileged children from disadvantaged areas, especially to those teachers who do not have a formal qualification and who currently provide a service in homes, crèches and preschools, or those who would like to start a preschool.


For Isivuno it is about expanding the Kingdom of God. Biblical principles are integrated into our training, including the daily programmes and lesson plans for preschool teachers. When teachers have a Biblical Worldview and use Biblically integrated material, children will hear about God’s love and will be able to follow Him and also have a chance at a better future.

Contact: Mrs Francoise Slater

Position: Public Relations Global

071 030 8612

EcoHome is a unique Environmental Education program for young learners, empowering them with the knowledge and values that are necessary to become caretakers of our planet, Earth. EcoHome’s activities allow the learners to assemble an eco-house as well as 16 eco-friendly items. Each of the items represents sustainable living. There are nine exciting and fun lessons and stories with characters that are EcoHome warriors and superheroes. The EcoHome’s family narrates the stories. As they assemble each item, the item becomes part of their EcoHome and garden, achieving an example of an environmentally friendly home and lifestyle. The 16 items comprise nine lessons which correspond with the nine stories. The lessons teach the young learners important information such as the different types of energy and how all living things need the energy to move, think and jump and so much more; what it means when we talk about renewable and non-renewable resources; what the outcome is if we do not preserve these resources; how life on Earth would cease to exist if we destroy trees and diminish our water resources; without bees, we have no pollination, therefore no plants can grow, and, how frogs consume billions of insects and flies each year, making them valuable to agriculture and pest control and essential to the environment. The EcoHome program assists educators with the advancement of Environmental Education by addressing the challenges of limited resources, teacher training, as well as awareness and prioritisation.

Contact: Mrs Bridget Kahts

Position: ECD Operations Manager

021 683 2420

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) first opened its doors in 1994. We are a non-profit organisation, committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality early childhood development for our country’s youngest citizens.

Contact: Mrs Joan Truby

Position: Co-ordinator

083 2929 276

Godly Play is a Christian faith formation programme for children, used worldwide, which teaches children religious language and gives them space and time to come close to God. It is a story-based programme with roots in Montessori philosophy and was developed by theologian and author, Dr Jerome Berryman. The Godly Play circle where the stories are told, supports children’s spirituality by allowing them to integrate God’s stories with their own story as they make meaning of God’s presence in their lives. The Godly Play circle builds a community of children as they learn to listen not only to God’s stories but to one another with respect. Godly Play South Africa has 4 trainers, accredited by the Godly Play Foundation, and we offer Introductory workshops, as well as a 22 hour of Core Training held over 3 days, which will equip you to use this method successfully in your context through practical hands-on experience and by learning more about the philosophy and theology which underpins Godly Play.