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These documents are available as samples or guidelines and should be adapted according to your specific school needs. Please do not simply cut and paste as they may not apply to your specific school situation.


Although every effort will be made to keep these documents up to date, ACSI cannot be held responsible or liable for policies that are outdated or not legally compliant.
Guideline for Using ChatGPT and AI 2023
An Evangelical Statement of Principles on AI
ChatGPT Anke Brand Presentation 2023
ChatGPT for Learning and Teaching
The Power of a Teachable Moment
Learner Exclusion and Expulsion Guidelines

School Policies

Admission Policy 2023

Policy and Toolkit for Identifying and Handling of Child Abuse 2022
Form 22 Reporting of Abuse or Neglect
Anti-Racism Policy 2022
School Excursion Policy 2022

Family Policy 2023