Highlights ECD 2021 Online Conference: Strong Mind Strong Child

Written by Cathy Moore ACSI ECD Co-ordinator
With much excitement and enthusiasm, we launched our 2021 ECD ‘Strong Child Strong Mind’, Conference. The response was overwhelming and we had 270 delegates attend our online conference. Unlike last year, when the use of the online platform was still new, we were able to use the technology with ease and reached many people across Southern Africa.
was the theme of this year’s conference. What a powerful reminder of the importance of foundation building! We were treated to six quality speakers, who were passionate about their topic and were willing to give of their time and expertise. The response from the delegates has been very positive! Whether a new teacher or an experienced teacher, I am sure that we all came away from the conference having learnt new skills that will be relevant.

Conference Comments

  • We could have listened to the presenters for hours. Their sessions were very informative and valuable.
  • The joy and wonder of a Creator God that came through as each presenter spoke was amazing. Thank you!
  • I felt that the presenter handled a very sensitive topic with Grace.
  • Loved this… The examples and ideas have inspired me to introduce more activities into my classroom!
  • Our teachers were so inspired by the presentations. Thank you!
  • I never saw pre-writing in the way that the presenter explained it. It was very useful information.
  • So much experience poured into this great presentation! It was so practical and inspiring.
  • This was a fantastic talk. It has made me realise that there are several things that I should be doing differently in my class.
  • Could have listened to this presentation forever! She had a lovely balance of theory and practical. 
• I am going to do a lot more movement between lessons. Thank you for the ideas.
• The presenter’s talks come from a wealth of experience and insight into the needs of children who face, and are facing, trauma and loss. I could have listened to her for another hour!
• I loved how practical she made her session. A topic that is not spoken enough about.
• This session completely challenged our thoughts and views on how to let our kids play and learn at school.
• Too many of us overprotect our children.
• So many of our parents would benefit from the talks!
• I am an anxious, over-cautious teacher. I must learn to relax more and let risky play happen!
• What a great reminder that children are naturally curious.
• What a lovely session. It helped me have a better grasp of why we should encourage children and ways in which to do so!
• The speakers were well-spoken and passionate about their topics!
• It taught me that as a teacher you must be careful with your words, as words can build you up or tear you down.