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Dalat International School is looking to fill the following positions for the upcoming school year. Dalat is a Christian boarding school located on the island of Penang off the west coast of Malaysia. The school has been providing a quality education for missionary and expatriate children in South East Asia for 90 years.

Dalat is seeking dynamic, enthusiastic, caring professionals who are professing Christians. Candidates must have an understanding of Christian education and the ability to integrate Biblical principles in their teaching. Candidates should possess strong communication and interpersonal skills, be adept with technology and demonstrate flexibility in working in a cross-cultural environment. Candidates must be willing to incorporate active learning strategies and ESL-sensitive instruction. Those interested in teaching roles should have appropriate education and 3+ years of teaching experience. A valid teaching certificate is also a benefit.

Interested candidates can access the Dalat teaching standards and job responsibilities at our employment site on the school’s home page.

Part time positions may be combined to make a full-time schedule. Dalat rarely hires non-Malaysians for part-time work due to visa requirements.
1 Pre-School Teacher (3 year-olds)
DIS is looking for a creative and caring preschool teacher to instruct our preschool 3 students. As a preschool teacher, this person will be responsible for Bible, reading, language arts, science, and math lessons. The pre-school school day runs from 8:25-12:00
2. Substitute Coordinator
Dalat is looking for a part-time staff member to coordinate the substitute teacher pool. This includes recruiting and vetting subs, managing the “time sheets” and liaising with the finance office on work hours, filling teacher requests for substitute teachers, and subbing as needed and available.

Prospective candidates please visit the Dalat website to complete a preliminary application and to learn more about the school.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School

Shawna Wood
Deputy Head of School

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