Step 1: First Contact

Thank you for your enquiry regarding membership with ACSI. The Association of Christian School International (ACSI) is an association that supports independent Christian Schools in Southern Africa.

Please take note of our statement of faith and code of ethics. As an ACSI member you would need to sign this document in agreement with our values and faith.

Step 2 : School Visit

ACSI will contact you to arrange a visit by an ACSI staff member. The visit is to determine the services and support you require from ACSI, to discuss our services, share expectations and to share our faith journey with you as it is the foundation for a fruitful relationship going forward. Any questions you have will then be answered inorder for you to have confidence and peace of mind to register as a member.

Step 3 : Registration

ACSI will send you the registration form after the visit. The ACSI Director will approve your application for membership. The REGISTRATION FEE is R 880.00 for a school joining for the first time, irrespective of when the school joins, but membership fees will be charged pro‐rata for schools joining later in the year.

Step 4 : Relationship through service

Membership is renewable annually and an ongoing journey of relationship through the services we offer. The heart of the ACSI family focuses on the relationship between the people God has called to serve Christian Education. ACSI commits to visiting your school annually; lifting your school up in specific prayer; providing advice and guidance; and connecting you with like-minded professionals in the Christian schooling environment. ACSI provides professional development opportunities to school leaders and teachers; training to school boards; and learner services. We represent Christian independent schools in the National Alliance of Independent School Associations and engage with several Government departments and education‐related bodies. Membership is renewable annually.

Your school can become a member – follow the four step ACSI Journey!

Your school can become a member – follow the four step ACSI Journey!

Become a member!  Contact ACSI today.

Become a member!  Contact ACSI today.

Tel: 010 597 6679