Never Never Land

November 2021


To provide a safe and challenging learning environment, empowering learners to strive for personal excellence and become lifelong learners.

Guiding Principles

• To provide a strong, innovative educational program that personalises learning for every student.
• To embed a culture of continuous improvement focussed on student achievement and school performance.
• To embrace diversity within our school community where the values of Integrity, Respect and Excellence are upheld.
• To ensure a community where each child is listened to, feels safe and is valued.
• To maintain an effective partnership between staff, learners, families and the local community.


Never Never Land Full Service School opened in 1999 as an ECD Centre and progressed to a Junior Primary School. It is located in the village of Emandleni Village in Cedara, 3km from Hilton suburbs and 7km from Howick town. The school has cabin log buildings and container classrooms, along with grounds and facilities that have the flexibility of both open plan and regular style classrooms. During 2018 the school completed a major upgrade and refurbishment project. Features include a library, edutainer and extensive undercover areas.

School Population

The school has an increasing enrolment of 117 learners which is expected to increase marginally over the next 5 years. Although more than 70% of learners live in the Cedara area, 30% live mostly in neighbouring villages. There is no significant gender difference in enrolments.


At Never Never Land Full Service School, all learners participate in a comprehensive curriculum. The breadth and richness of curriculum offered allows learners to be actively involved in their learning, as they acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. Our curriculum is based on the CAPS and our own tailor-made curriculum which describes what learners should know and be able to do in key areas from Grade R to Grade 7.

Our curriculum is based on 3 core interrelated strands of learning:

1. Physical, Personal and Social Learning – This includes physical, personal and social skills such as being active and healthy, developing self-confidence, managing personal learning and working with others.
2. Discipline-based Learning – This includes knowledge and understanding from the key subjects of English, Science, Mathematics, Life Skills, Languages and Art.
3. Interdisciplinary Learning – This includes other essential skills that apply across curriculum areas such as thinking, design, problem solving, communicating, and using information and communications technology.


Emphasis is placed on the provision of effective literacy and numeracy programs that cater for all learners. Learning outcomes for learners are maximised by whole school planning and program implementation, ongoing professional development for staff, appropriate resource provision, special needs assistance, comprehensive assessment and reporting practices and regular evaluation of all school programs.

Support Programs

The school offers programs to support students with specific learning needs including Reading Recovery, a successful Integration program and a Special Needs program. Supporting programs, which complement the Key Learning Areas, include a networked Life Education, Athletics, Prep, Choral Music, Play Production, Perceptual Motor Program (ECD), Camping Program (Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), and Bike Riding. A range of excursions, incursions, visitors and speakers, and Bible Lessons activities further enhance the learning experience for learners.

Learner Well Being

At Never Never Land Full Service School there is a strong emphasis on developing social, emotional and behavioural wellbeing in all learners. The school supports the development of learner wellbeing through a comprehensive approach, through a wide range of varied classroom programs and extra-curricular activities. The school has an environment that is caring, positive, orderly and safe. It is conducive to learning, nurtures individuals, celebrates strengths and differences, and reflects expectations for reasonable and responsible behaviour. School leadership, teachers, learners, parents and families work together to successfully manage the learning and physical environment. They jointly foster pride in the school and a healthy school spirit.