ACSI Partners

ACSI is proud to connect your school with the following partners who are reputable service providers and fellow servants of Christ.


Betereinders is a movement that promotes reconciliation and restitution with the aim of reducing poverty in South Africa. Part of this process is a redefinition of identity and formation of new relationships. Our ‘Zebra Crossing’ online platform helps people from the townships and suburbs to get to know each other. Betereinders are value driven: we don't complain, we do good things and we work inclusively. Our work includes ‘white work’ and ‘real talk’, whereby the former is preparation for the latter. More important than joining us, is simply to be a Betereinder: don’t complain, do good, work together.

Bethany House

The Bethany House Trust initiates, implements, co-ordinates and manages projects critical to the children and youth of South Africa.

The Trust – established in 1998 in response to the critical need of young people for shelter, access to primary health services and education – is registered as a children’s charity trust with the High Court, is registered as a non-profit organization (NPO) with the South African Department of Social Development and as a public benefit organization (PBO) with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and as such, enjoys section 18a Tax Exempt Status.

Current projects of Bethany House include:
• A registered Child & Youth Care Centre for 120 children in Krugersdorp on the West Rand. Bethany House accommodates abused, abandoned and neglected children from the West Rand region and further afield.
• Dream Factory: a homework centre where all children in residential care receive educational support.
• Boikhutso Cluster Foster Care: community-based homes which accommodate up to six children per house in foster care of trained and vetted foster parents.
• Child Protection Services: two programs are facilitated – 1. Victim Empowerment Program (psycho-social intervention) for approximately 500 learners/month at 40 schools in the West Rand / Soweto region; learners suffered some form of trauma.
2. Intermediary Services for child witnesses who have to testify in criminal court proceedings. Almost 5 000 child witnesses have been assisted through this specialised program.
• Reality Check: a substance abuse diversion project assisting youth with substance abuse challenges.
• Muldersdrift Child & Family Welfare Unit: a fully-fledged welfare office servicing the Muldersdrift community.
• The Pregnancy Care Centre assists women with unplanned pregnancies. The focus is on youth / students and commercial sex workers (who are often at risk of abandoning their new born babies).
•A telephonic “Child Abuse Advice & Referral Service”, operational since 1996, where parents, caregivers and educators can access immediate, professional and correct information on the reporting of crimes, etc. Appropriate referrals are made in the event of acute or chronic abuse, and the progress of all cases are tracked with the police and welfare agencies;
•The Centre of Learning develops curriculum material for and facilitates the ‘Professional Parenting Program’ that equips the prospective foster/adoption parent with the skills required to become an ‘alternative parent’. Most children who lived in Bethany House have been placed back into ‘alternative’ nuclear families that completed this program.
Currently, approximately 369 children benefit from the Bethany House Trust’s programs every day (134 512 per annum).

+27 11 660 2763

CDR Equipping

CDR Equipping prepares and trains young people to Lead, Serve and Inspire in order to reach their personal goals and full potential. Mentoring and the establishment of partnerships are fundamental components of walking this journey of becoming ethical, appreciative, servant and visionary leaders.

Since its inception in 2017 CDRE has been very effective in identifying leaders and assisting them to grow and succeed. We have partnered and walked alongside 12 interns and another 50 leaders who have a passion and vision for their community. We aim to provide healthy and supportive relationships so that leaders can reach their goals and full potential. We recognise the need for mentors and people who believe in our leaders; people who are committed to encourage them to pursue their dreams. CDRE is also involved in children’s ministry, Holiday Bible Club and various partnerships: Velocity Community Church; Siyakholwa; Bethany House; ACSI More Than a Teacher; Refirement Network; Kindgom Valley Forum; Monash South Africa; Muldersdrift Child and Family Welfare Unit; Africa Food For Thought.

+27 83 302 0804

Craig Rowe, Chief Executive Officer


DIGINSA was founded by Anke Brand (Ph.D). The restoration and healing of an individual trapped in the prison of internet addiction is three-fold. DIGINSA provides treatment for internet addiction using one-on-one counselling, inner healing, coaching and behavior modification to break the bondage of addictions. Anke is a respected speaker, consultant, teacher and counsellor on the devastating effects of internet addiction. She speaks to parents, leaders, schools, teachers and young people country wide on the important issues of the dangers of the digital world. Whether it’s gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or depression, Anke helps you to understand how technology addiction is affecting our brains, thus having an influence on our grades, our concentration, behavior and emotional well-being.

+27 82 527 1548

Contact: Anke Brand


E-Classroom began its journey in response to a desperate need from teachers and parents for good quality educational support resources. All our resources are written by subject specialists at the top of their chosen field. All learners have the right to quality education and our business ethos focuses on providing affordable resources to all schools, parents and learners through the following channels:

1. Our worksheet support platform: Lightens the load for teachers and parents by providing worksheet and lesson plan support. Content is developed for each Grade and learning area. We are always hard at work developing new modules or adding to existing material. This offering is developed for Grades R-12 for a minimum registration fee.

2. Our knowledge-based assessment and exam papers: Assists learners during exam time. These practice papers are an invaluable revision and study resource and we will continue to grow this platform with additional subjects.

3. Our Courses for learners (Grades 10-12): These engaging courses have been developed by subject specialists and provide all the information that a learner needs in which to revise the subjects and topics they feel need extra attention to bag that “A”!

Our Mission
To continue researching and developing dynamic educational resources and learning solutions for 21st century learning. Our distinctiveness comes from our ability to understand, acknowledge and address the needs of our users. We transform the lives of our learners by giving them opportunities to reach their full potential of an outstanding learning experience at the click of a button.

Our vision
An inclusive and connected learning community.

Our values
We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality in all we do. We engage in continuous improvement in our work and we drive innovations in development and learning and value collaborative activities that facilitate discovery. Accomplishing our mission requires a positive and productive working environment.

+27 21 785 1214

Contact: Natalie Wood

Elle International

A period should end a sentence. Not a girl’s education.
Chelsea Anne Hornby is a social entrepreneur and menstrual hygiene reproductive health specialist who founded Elle International in 2016 when she became aware that girls were staying home from school because they had no access to sanitary wear. She researched Menstrual Hygiene Management and completing her thesis on the topic in 2016. She is determined to play a role in providing affordable and reusable period care to girls who need it and created the Elle Cup - a reusable menstrual cup brand. Chelsea works to bring forth solutions to the current challenges girls and women face with menstruation and reproductive health and have committed her organisation to investing in the community and empowering those around her.

She has travelled extensively throughout Africa with Elle International's mission to bring education and solutions to the challenges that relate to menstruation. Menstruation effects all areas of a girl’s life, from her health and participation, to her dignity and feelings towards herself.
Outline of services provided:
• Puberty
• Menstrual health
• Menstrual hygiene best practices
• Reusable menstrual health products and how to use
• Reproductive health
• Contraception and conception
• Hormones
• Facilitator training
• Teacher workshops
• Social entrepreneurship

Consulting for organisations
• BBBEE scorecard
• Socio economic development
• Skills Development
• Sustainable impact
• Monitoring, evaluation and reporting
• Transformational impact

Empowerment for students and young adults
• Distribution of reusable menstrual hygiene kits
• Peer support groups
• Student ambassador and fundraising program
• How to start a social enterprise
• Enterprise development - social entrepreneurship

+27 83 743 0193

Chelsea Hornby, Executive Director

Evergreen Parenting

Evergreen Parenting is an international team of passionate individuals - men and women - who believe in the value and priority of raising children. We equip educators, teachers and parents, with courses and resources to embrace temperament types, healthy authority and compassionate discipline. We help build a positive and healthy culture, with open communication between teachers, parents and learners, where we can transform character and values.

Our desire is to equip thinking, active educators - teachers and parents - who have the best interests of schools and families at heart and who are willing to take up the difficult challenges associated with education and discipline. We meet schools where they are at and give support in the areas most needed, e.g. teacher team building, CPTD courses and discipline plans to re-ignite the passion for teaching. We do learner leadership training – we believe that everyone can be a leader in different areas because the task determines the leader. Lastly, we specialise in talks and courses to equip and inspire parents to raise children with character.

• Schools with Character: Primary school educators
• Compassionate Discipline Online Application
• Evergreen Pre-primary Teachers course
• Tall Trees™: Teacher team-building workshops • Tall Trees™: Learner development workshops
• Parenting Talks
• The Evergreen Parenting course
• First Steps: Parenting course for all literacy levels

Contact: Lydia Kies

Gadise Skills Development

We are in the business to add value to the Schools and young people we encounter, since 2016. To succeed we need more than academic achievement. We provide simple and effective ways to develop the attitudes that have shaped the leaders and champions of our world. Education, IQ, luck, talent, connections, good looks and access to money are all factors that contribute to our progress, but what matters most is the Right Mental Attitude. Unfortunately, this vital area gets very little attention – and so we have made this our business.

Our services
We run a Personal Development Program called Young Achievers for Grade 5-7 and Teen Achievers for Grade 8-11. This is an extra mural activity which takes place in the school’s premises for a year and parents pay for the services. Leadership advantage is a program that is in the process of accreditation with Services SETA and is aimed at the learners in Grade 10 to 3rd year of University.

Show Up: this program is designed to help young people to prepare for their circle tests, focusing on methods to use when preparing to study. We are in a school providing mentorship to the leaders Grade by Grade every term of the school.

We organise and run four types of Camps:

• Leadership Camps for elected prefects.
• Induction Camps: this is huge gap in our schools, many of our grade 8 leaners are not prepared for life in high school and we run a camp that gets them ready for high school life.
• Team Building Camp: we get leaners or even the teaching staff to catch and understand the dynamics of team work and build a healthy culture around work.
• Venture Camps: this is more like a personal mastery camp. We push and guide young people through obstacle courses, challenging some limitations and self-doubts in their mind-set.

It has been our experience that most people want a better life, but very few want to hear that they must do something about having it. This is mainly because people find it difficult to step out of their comfort zones. Let us help you get started, and then build momentum – one step at a time.

+27 81 323 6330

Michael Gadise, Life Skills Strategists

Griessel Consulting

Griessel Consulting is a legal and labour law consultancy that provides businesses, organisations and the Independent Education sector with legal and employment advice. Our Directors are admitted advocates to the High Court of South Africa and have a combined experience of 43 years in the corporate and business environments. Litigation skills have been honed by serving as prosecutors and then as magistrates prior to moving into the private sector, and further by representing employers at the CCMA.

Our Associates include various highly skilled and experienced Human Resources professionals and a Master Remuneration/Reward Specialist. We have a holistic approach and we focus as much on preventing potential problems as we do on resolving the issue at hand. We look at the bigger picture towards finding strategic solutions for organisational development. We are not merely legal advisors or employment relations specialists. We are in the unique position of being able to recommend practical solutions within the framework of legal compliance, based on extensive practical experience. Our focus is on minimising risk and providing strategic solutions - leading in turn to increased efficiencies, happier employees and smoother operations.

+27 83 550 1567 / +27 82 928 2990

Heart Reach

Heart Reach educates youth on sexual choices with a view to re-establish their values thereby empowering them to fulfil their potential and make healthy and positive life choices.

Heart Reach was formed in 1996 to come alongside women facing an unwanted pregnancy. We offer counselling to help them through their ‘panic and indecision’. We network with adoption agencies should they opt for adoption. In the event they choose abortion, we will not refer them to an abortion clinic, but we will offer post abortion counselling should the need arise.

In 2000 we felt that counselling after the fact was not enough, and wrote an abstinence based sex talk to be presented to school goers from grade 7 through to matric. The talk is direct, relevant and interactive. We allow the class to ask questions, and to be completely open with their opinions without judgement or back lash. In 2014 we got involved with the fight against Human Trafficking and developed a “Be Safe” talk suitable for grade 2 to 5, largely to create an awareness to the dangers of human trafficking. However, the talk also equips children to stand up for themselves, to combat bullying, exposure to porn and molestation, which is rampant in our children’s lives.

Heart Reach is a non-profit organisation, supported by churches and individuals.

+27 82 330 1437 / +27 11 791 5152

Shelley McLean, Director


Heartlines is a Christian organisation that has spent the past 14 years developing national best practice, values-based social change interventions. While we work across all sectors of society (workplace, school, communities, etc.) our key objective is to provide the church with culturally appropriate and current resources that help answer the question “how then shall we live?” Our interventions are based on best practice social change theory. We are process rather than topic experts, and partner with experts on our chosen topics. Each new intervention starts with extensive research on our chosen topic. This includes literature reviews, expert opinion and focus group feedback.

We particularly focus on barriers to change. Based on our research, we develop intervention strategies that have stories as their central pillar. Research has shown that story is one of the strongest influencers of our attitudes, hopes, fears, and values. Story is also a universal language that cuts across cultures and communities. We use film, TV, internet, and print to tell stories that people identify with and are challenged by. Our mass media products are designed to provide a supportive environment and to stimulate demand for our face-to-face interventions. These interventions include group discussions, accountability groups, social media, workshops, and leadership seminars. We concentrate our work in the environments most conducive to values interventions; these include families, businesses, schools and churches. All our interventions include process and summative evaluations that are conducted by external researchers.

Our work has included “8 weeks 8 values” – Eight films and resources; “Values in action” the series Hopeville and resources; “Values and money” the film Nothing for Mahala and resources. These have been used extensively across South Africa and other countries, reaching millions of people with significant impact. This track record has positioned Heartlines as a credible trusted partner for both Christian and non-Christian organisations.

Our teams are currently running the following campaigns across the country:

Values and Money which focuses on:
1. Honesty in earning
2. Responsibility in spending
3. Wisdom in borrowing
4. Self-control in saving
5. Generosity in giving/sharing

What's Your Story?
Using personal stories to facilitate cohesion and collaboration at institutional as well as societal levels.

Tools we use:
• Beyond the river movie
• Bridge leadership engagement
• LO Classroom discussions on Beyond the river and personal storytelling

+27 83 363 7602

Contact: Olefile Masangane

Hereford Corporate Services

As a Financial Advisory Group, we provide an extensive range of advisory services, including Personal Financial Planning, Investment Management, Employee Benefits, Private Wealth Management, Health Care Solutions, Short Term Insurance, Broker Support and Practice Management.

ACSI and the Hereford group have negotiated a Group Retirement Funding Arrangement specifically for ACSI affiliated schools with the Liberty Group.

Employee benefits come in a bewildering variety, but if structured correctly, it can significantly improve the quality of work-life and workforce while adding real financial value too. The end result? Happier staff, healthier work relations and a holistic financial plan for all. Our focus is to assist our clients to develop and maintain a package of benefits to meet their needs and fit their corporate culture on a cost-effective basis.

Administration Support Services
Accredited with all the major administration platforms, we provide objective independent advice on a suitable fund administrator. Hereford Corporate in conjunction with your appointed administrator provide a private client modelled employee benefit administration support service to your Fund.

Group Risk Services
We are able to negotiate impressive risk rates and strategic benefit structuring with your existing risk benefits provider or any of the other major life companies, if required.

Actuarial Services
We have access to our own in-house actuarial team if required.

Investment Consulting
We assist you in creating a compelling investment risk profile for your retirement fund and establish a potent investment strategy. From regularly reporting on fund returns and market trends to offering specific investment recommendations, we remain committed and involved long after your solution is in place.

Asset and Liability Consulting
Asset-Liability Modelling is a sophisticated statistical technique that aims to provide clients (corporate and individual members) with an investment strategy that is suitable for their unique liabilities. We provide this service through a team of experienced actuaries and financial analysts.

Financial Management Workshops
Geared towards empowering employees with the necessary tools to implement a holistic financial plan, we deal with issues of investment planning, retirement planning and general financial matters.

One-on-One Financial Planning
Besides individualised retirement fund advice, each member will have access to financial professionals who are able to assist them in setting and achieving their long-term financial goals.

+27 11 958 0630 / +27 11 958 0639 / +27 83 286 0777

Contact: Cobus Badenhorst

Humm Industries

Humm Industries started (Like all good businesses) in a garage as a dream of two hopeful high school students. We had a dream to become technical production specialists and spent most of our time looking through catalogues and dreaming about ‘one day’. We started DJ’ing and doing little events and slowly our business grew. In 2012 we decided to split into two separate businesses and Humm Industries (Pty) LTD was born.

We at Humm industries believe in diversity and knowledge. We believe in giving great advice that is up-to-date and up to industry standard which is not linked to any brand bias. We supply all the brands, so for us, it’s about giving you the best value for your money.

Humm Industries is founded on strong Christian principles and we believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and heart; because of this Humm is fuelled by passion. What we do at Humm is what we love and because of this we take pride in every job that comes our way. Drawing from years of experience and study helps us keep you, the client, well informed and happy with every job we embark on.

Humm Industries prides itself in professional workmanship, keeping the client satisfied and staying on the cutting edge of technology. Humm currently deals in the following disciplines:
• Sound, lighting and video hire, sales and installation;
• Computer sales and maintenance;
• Networking;
• Product development;
• Prototyping and general engineering.

+27 72 125 0129

Matt Norel, Director


The sciences of learning (education, cognitive science, neuroscience) have advanced significantly in recent times and these insights are at the heart of the ITSI Solution. As a research-informed company, ITSI develops solutions that are in line with these developments - enabling schools to deliver any educational content via an interactive digital platform for both educators and students. A key aspect of the ITSI success story, is the unrivalled training, professional development and support to lecturers, teachers and students - ensuring they are ready for the 4th industrial revolution. ITSI enables exceptional teaching - delivering an intuitive and tailored educational experience to any educator and any learner for accessible, lifelong learning.

+27 12 941 1546

Contact: Elmari Brits

Kimbajacks Math Toolkit

The Kimbajacks Maths Toolkits are a patented, trademarked South African educational product designed to help learners develop a solid Math foundation, by learning Math the fun way! There are 5 levels (Grades 1-12) and beyond, each introducing the various Math sections in an elementary way. They however, in no way replace the Math teacher, but are designed as a toolkit, for use by the teacher, to introduce and create a fun way of learning/teaching math. Parents can also have loads of fun by playing these games and competing with their children!

Please see attached leaflet below. ACSI Member schools receive a discount on their purchases.

+27 83 775 7826 / 31 654 9768

Contact: Dr. Sandra Jack Hansrajh


In a growing world that continually adopts modern technologies and devices, we at Microbotics envision a future of young “Digital Makers”, not only digital consumers!

Young school children and adults have benefited through the "hands on" practical classes, as our unique modules combine real world projects and software programming (coding) to give the learners an exciting and comprehensive experience as they explore the world of “digital making”.

Robots, programming (coding), snack boards and electronic bread boards are a few unique core components that help make our modules fun and educational.

Ownership has changed the way students respond to the classes, as they want to build and program their own “bots” and breadboards. Therefore, each student gets their own book and kit.

We provide
a) Curriculums
b) Materials/kits supply
c) Teacher Training

+27 82 885 6686

Contact: Adam Marais

Open Schools Worldwide

As a Public Benefit Organisation, the primary beneficiary is the marginalised child who is disadvantaged due to the lack of educational opportunities and are therefore non-numerate and illiterate. Open Schools Worldwide motivates, facilitates, trains and equips community-based organisations to provide a bridging education program that teaches marginalised and age inappropriate learners. The goal is to teach them up to grade three competency levels and help these disadvantaged children to fit back into the country’s formal education facilities. The program also provides an after-care and supportive/intervention education method to help children cope with their learning difficulties and problem areas.

This initiative was born in 2002 by Dr Phil Renicks and Dr Alan McIlhenny, initially operating out of the newly established ACSI South Africa office. God had planted a vision in their hearts to create a “Children at Risk Task Force” consisting of eleven Christian educators from seven countries. Today Open Schools Worldwide has projects in South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia and new requests for our training program in Malawi and Nigeria. We look forward to being a catalyst of change for the more than 58 million children in Africa who cannot gain access to formal schooling.

Core Values of OSWW:
• responding to the educational needs of children who are shut out of the traditional school system for reasons beyond their control
• partnering with like-minded organizations and individuals to deliver literacy, numeracy and life skill instruction for children at risk of educational failure
• developing compassionate relationships and a supportive environment to overcome obstacles to learning
• creating flexible, innovative strategies that are appropriate to the unique needs of the children we serve.

+27 82 569 0972

Angie Pape - Director of Operations, Africa

Paper Video

Paper Video provides the opportunity for all students across South Africa to gain instant access to an experienced and passionate extra teacher in the subjects they struggle with most. Furthermore, Paper Video provides the opportunity for South African teachers to gain convenient access to training and professional development.

We create past exam papers and Subject Maps for Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences (Biology), Natural Sciences and Accounting with one crucial difference: every question and topic in our resources is linked to a video for the question or topic, taught by an experienced South African teacher.
By using the Paper Video resources, students and teachers are one quick click or scan away from a video that will take them through the question or topic they are struggling with, step by step. Our past exam papers with video solutions are already available for Grades 8 to 12. The Subject Maps for Grade 8 & 9 Mathematics, Natural Sciences & Accounting, as well as for Grade 10 Mathematics and Physical Sciences are also available.
Our videos are accessible ONLINE (via the Paper Video website or app) OR OFFLINE (via the Paper Video microSDcards or Content Hubs).

Protective Behaviours

Protective Behaviours Protective Behaviours is an internationally recognised personal safety program that enables adults and children to develop skills which promote resilience and empowers them to deal with unsafe situations. Protective Behaviours aims to prevent/reduce abuse and violence and increase safety. The Protective Behaviours skills are delivered in a clear, non-confronting way and uses a fun and interactive style of teaching, targeted to the age and developmental stages of the children. .

Why do we need Protective Behaviours?
• 1 in 3 children are victims of sexual violence and physical abuse before they reach the age of 18
• The rape-murder cases of children are 1 every 3rd day
• Sexual offence cases reported to the police equates to 51 cases per day

Statistics released during Child Protection Week 2017, by the Minister of Social Development, Bathabile Dlamini—source

How do we deliver Protective Behaviours?

Protective Behaviours Southern Africa’s comprehensive list of Education Programs are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of Professionals including Social Workers, Psychologists, Educators, Teachers and Emotional Intelligent Specialists and include:

 Level 1 Practitioners Training for Professionals - 2 days
 Level 1 Parent/Educator Training - 1 day
 Teenager’s Guide to Personal Safety Session for Professionals - 3 hours

 In-school program for Pre- and Primary School children
 Teenager’s Guide to Personal Safety Workshop for teenagers

Contents of the Protective Behaviours program Theme 1 – “WE ALL have the RIGHT to feel SAFE at ALL TIMES”
The right to feel safe belongs to every person. It is a human right that cannot be earned and cannot be removed.
Feelings… Children are taught and supported in developing a comprehensive feelings vocabulary which includes Safe and Unsafe feelings.
Early Warning Signs… Protective Behaviours teaches children how to identify their Early Warning Signs.
The Safety Continuum… This can range from feeling ‘safe’ to feeling ‘unsafe’.
Secrets… Protective Behaviours teaches children how to identify the difference between safe and unsafe secrets and how to respond.

Theme 2 - “We can talk with SOMEONE about ANYTHING no matter WHAT it is” Protective Behaviours encourages individuals to communicate how they are feelingand includes both safe and unsafe feelings.
Networks… Children are supported in identifying specific people they can talk with when they feel unsafe.
Persistence… Children are taught to keep on telling network people until they get the help they need.
Body Awareness and Ownership… Protective Behaviours empowers children with the use of accurate terminology for all body parts - this can remove the embarrassment about private parts.
Personal Space… Children learn about social distance, taking control of their own personal space and respecting other people’s personal space.
Assertiveness… Children are taught that it is acceptable to say “No” (even to adults) if they feel unsafe. PB also teaches children to identify the different ways of saying “No”.

We all have the right to feel safe at all times.

+27 81 436 8445 / whatsapp +27 81 415 2220

Hayley Walker, Chairperson

Reflective learning (Mathematics Assessment)

Reflective learning (Mathematics Assessment) Are you wondering why your learners are struggling to understand what you’re teaching in class? Or do you need to understand the level of a new set of learners in your class or school?

In existing class time, it is almost impossible to deeply understand every learner's unique strengths and weaknesses, never mind teach them what they may have missed from their previous years. Our diagnostics and self-study catch-up curriculum support your work by helping learners identify their gaps and fast-track catching up on their missed learning so that they can engage fully with the content you’re teaching. Why partner with reflective learning? With foundational learning gaps in Maths growing as learners move through grades, there is a need for schools to ensure missed learnings are caught up effectively so that they are adequately prepared for FET phase. Reflective Learning has been developed with this in mind:
1. It is scalable across online and offline contexts.
2. It tracks conceptual knowledge for individuals and cohorts.
1. It enables teachers to meet personal needs without a large investment of time and energy.
3. It helps learners to engage better with grade-level content. It helps learners to engage better with grade-level content.
4. The approach has shown to have significant impact.

+27 87 806 4420

Contact: Eugene Pelteret

SACSSA (Southern African Christian Schools’ Sports Association)

The Southern African Christian Schools’ Sports Association’s vision and objectives are:
• To make it possible for even the smallest and most remotely situated school to participate in as many sporting activities as possible.
• To raise the standard of sport, by organising clinics and courses for all its members.
• To raise the standard of coaching and officiating, through courses.
• To use sport as one of the great character builders, to learn how to lose, how to overcome and how to win.
• To promote contact and fellowship amongst Christians.

+27 82 563 8519

Johan du Plessis, SACSSA National Co-ordinator


SmartFunder is a company that administers Educational Bursary Schemes on behalf of various employers in South Africa. Have a look at our 90-second explainer video below and complete our contact form for more information:

+27 79 493 8097

Francois Liebenberg, Director

Swallow 15 Music School

Swallow15 Music School is a rock music school. The school offers musical training in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, vocals & drums.Swallow15 Music School is a rock music school. The school offers musical training in acoustic and electric guitar, bass, piano, vocals & drums.
We believe we have discovered the recipe to transform weekly music lessons into a lifetime journey of fun and exploration for our students. From a young age we offer kids the opportunity to learn to play in a band with our “JamBands” program.

With our Showcase events, students build confidence and present their talent and skills to an audience and loved ones. When students progress and produce their own content, we offer recording opportunities in our state-of-the-art recording studio.
Through all these services, we are able to make learning an instrument easier, simpler and faster.

We believe we have discovered the recipe to transform weekly music lessons into a lifetime journey of fun and exploration for our students. From a young age we offer kids the opportunity to learn to play in a band with our “JamBands” program. With our Showcase events, students build confidence and present their talent and skills to an audience and loved ones. When students progress and produce their own content, we offer recording opportunities in our state-of-the-art recording studio.

Through all these services, we are able to make learning an instrument easier, simpler and faster.

+27 11 675 2377

YFC (Youth for Christ SA)

The Youth for Christ movement was originally born in America in the mid-1940s through an impulse from the heart of God that simultaneously touched dozens of leaders in different places with a concern to reach out to the young people normal church channels were missing.
YFC services currently offered and how it impacts and benefits schools:

YFC’s goal is to engage with young people in the places where they gather. Through our interactions with them we endeavour to provide opportunities that will see them activate their potential to become engaged participants within their communities.

Where We Go: churches, schools, tertiary institution and community centres.

What We Offer: leadership development; youth ministry development; a range of life skills; personal development; sports coaching and after-school initiatives through our dynamic interactive workshops that can be run at your own or a neutral venue. We are able to facilitate a learning process that is designed to equip leaders, educators and parents of young people.

The rising unemployment rate in South Africa continues to concern us. To address this problem, we have a skills development plan that includes:
• A platform that will enable young people to pursue entrepreneurship as a viable option;
• A workplace readiness program that will assist young people in preparing for the world of work.

+27 14 576 2131