Re-opening Schools

COVID-19 Resources

Documents & Resources For Re-opening Schools

COVID-19 Resources

Documents & Resources For Re-opening Schools

Dbe-Standard-Operating-Procedure-For-Covid-19 - Updte September 2020

SOP - Revised 31 August 2020

ACSI - Declaration On The Behalf Of Independent Schools

GP De-Escalation To Alert Level 1

ACSI - Protocols For A Covid Case (002)

Educators who Were Granted Concessions Required to Report for Duty on Monday 21 September as Country Moves to COVID-19 Alert Level 1

Contact Details For The Heads Of Education - Annexure 2

Comorbidity - Staff Waiver Form For Staff Over 60 Years Old & Comorbidity Covid-19

Comorbidity Management Form

Western Cape Amended Directions and Standard Operating Procedures

Covid-19 Orientation Guidelines For Schools

Comorbidity - Concession Process To Follow For Employees With A Comorbidity

Final Covid-19 School Compliance Monitoring Tool

Contact Details 2020 List Of Gauteng Integrated Schools Health Programme Managers & Health Programme Coordinators.

Comorbidity - Letter DG DPSA - Population Groups At Risk Of Contracting Severe COVID-19

Covid-19 Risk & Mitigation Register

Preconditions For The Deviation Of Independent Schools And Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres On Covid-19

Criteria For Re-Opening Of Schools Based On De- Concentrating & Social Distancing In Schools And Offices Guidelines

Prevention Of The Spread Of Covid-19 - Business Process Document

Prevention Of Infection And Control Guidelines

Re-Opening Of Independent Schools - NAISA Confirmation Letter

Measures Related To Operation Of ECD Programmes Under Covid 19 Alert Levels

Re-Opening Of Schools - Application For Deviation By Independent Schools (Gauteng Province)

Screening Sheet For A School Covid 19 2020

Screening In Schools FINAL SOP (29 May 2020)

SOP (DRAFT) For The Prevention, Containment And Management Of Covid-19 In Independent Schools And ECD Centres

Orientation For Schools For Covid-19 Screening 29Th May 2020 (Presentation)

Work From Home And Alternate Work Arrangements Guidelines

SOP Guidelines For Schools On Maintaining Hygiene During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Worker Covid-19 Risk Assessment