Silver Creek Primary School

School Profile: Silver Creek Primary School

Silver Creek School’s SwitchedOn Grade 8 Learners May 2021

Silver Creek School is a registered independent school that currently offers quality education to learners from Grade R to Grade 7 in small classes. Our school is nowhere near pollution, noise and the hustle of the city. Silver Creek School offers a peaceful setting for students to learn in. The school is surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountain views.

Silver Creek School is located in the Mooinooi area, in the North West Province. Our Estate rests against the Northern slopes of the Magaliesburg and in the picturesque Buffelspoort Valley.

The school started operating in early 2007. The original building of the school was built in 1955. It was originally used for milking parlours and our school hall was used as a storage facility for animal food.

We have the most wonderful and selfless teachers, who are God-centred and driven. Our newly appointed Principal, Pascall Poole, and the School Management Team run our school with strong leadership and fairness.

The school is a beautiful school to be in, as everybody works well together, and we love each other as family. As Christians, we understand that rules and discipline exist to maintain order and create structure. We also acknowledge that God has a plan for each student here at Silver Creek School and that each student has a right to gain knowledge.

We are proud Silver Creek Learners!