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CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679


Contact: Alie Brand

Position: COO


SCAS, as NGO, is a team of Christians passionate about God, people and sport. We serve schools, churches, youth, organisations, teams, individual athletes, coaches and players.

Contact: Jan Heenop

082 4552 875

Christian-based gap year focuses on adventure to unlock potential. We believe in a purpose-driven lifestyle and programme enabling students to take responsibility for the success of their own lives. Students stay on campus over 40 weeks. We travel to our Big 5 destinations including Cape Town, Hermanus, Garden of Eden, the Klein Karoo and the Fish River Canyon. Our methodology is adventure-based learning. The programme starts at the end of January 2024 in Stilbaai. 


We offer a 7-day adventure-based learning camp for schools in December. 

Contact: Ferda du Toit

Position: Secretary

073 1800 765

Target Life Gap Year – Invest a year and benefit for eternity 

We empower young people to discover their passions, develop new skills and gain valuable life experience through transformative experiences that prepare them for success in their studies and beyond. Our course is bilingual. 

Contact: Arthur Yang

Position: Director

073 6770 546

Christian youth gap year focuses on discipleship and ministry experience. Christian youth and children’s groups’ curriculum and leaders training. Youth and children’s camp. Youth mission trips.  


Gap Year Programme: Genesis is an intensive discipleship programme offered by Word of Life South Africa. We help students to be more like Christ through teaching biblical knowledge, practical ministry, and life-on-life discipleship. We educate students with foundational Bible knowledge, equip them with applications of biblical principles and strategies, enrich them with practical ministries, empower them with life skills for the next step in life, and life-on-life discipleship. 

Contact: Ingo van der Merwe

Position: Founder and Director

083 3804 599

GoMaD Gap Year is a discipleship gap year programme for six young men who wish to understand their generation better and reach their generation for Christ. Prepare to be challenged in all areas of life, enjoying many and new experiences, adventure, and spending two months on an overlanding mission to Namibia, Zambia, and Botswana. 


The gap year starts on the 1st of February and runs to the end of November every year. Six young men, aged 18 and older, will be discipled in a Socratic process of experiential learning, dialogue, apprenticeship, and practice. You will learn in order to teach and grow, in order to take others with you, mature as a man and better understand your design and role as a man in God’s Kingdom. You will learn to ransack the scriptures as the only basis for faith and practice. You will learn to live and see the Lord in every aspect of living. You will learn about business and entrepreneurship; you will learn to lead and have influence; and you will learn how to use social media for ministry. You will be well prepared to use your whole experience as a roadmap to disciple others when you go back into the marketplace of life, be it university or the world of work. The application process is on the GoMaD website. 

Contact: Darrin Erskine

Position: Evangelist and Director

066 0085 948

Year of Your Life to discover God’s appointed purpose and identity in your life, through a real and biblical relationship with Abba Father, Holy Spirit and Lord Jesus Christ, to be discipled, equipped and gain skills to enjoy a Godly adventure as you are trained and equipped to serve this broken world and give them Christ Jesus through your lifestyle and God’s Calling on your life – Math 22:36-40, Math 28:18-20 and Math 6:33. 


Gap Year Programme: Bible School, evangelism training, mission training local and cross border, skills development, ministry admin, leadership, counselling and fitness, outdoor survival, camping, 4×4, horse training in building a true relationship with the Trinity – Certification in Bible School 1st year, evangelism, missional training, foundations for farming (Farming God’s Way), and many other evangelism and missionary courses – adventure activities, mountain lodging and in-house meals and fitness training.  Currently setting up school group camping and activities. 

Contact: Kathy Noland

Position: Student Recruitment Administration

073 1769 423

1) Practical, Accredited Theology Training up to Bachelor of Theology (Honours) on campus (3 years) or part-time online. 

2) Practical, Unaccredited Theology Training in the Christian Leadership Programme (part-time, 3 years) 


Gap Year Programme: This one-year course enables the student to work through essential issues of their faith, offering an evangelical biblical standpoint which encourages them to think critically and engage meaningfully with the world around them. Here the student finds no ivory tower of theory or theology, just gritty, practical and challenging times of study, service, prayer and fellowship.  Selected classes are taken with the 1st year BTh students and there is an additional practical module. This is not an accredited programme but it is invaluable for students who seek direction and a deeper commitment in their walk with Christ. The Gap Year students and the BTh students are treated as one group on campus.  Our goal is to help each student to develop a Judaeo-Christian world- and life-view. We strive to help each student to think creatively and critically about the various issues they will face in their context of ministry and to do so in a way that is biblical and which preserves the bonds of peace and fellowship in our non-denominational, multi-cultural and international Christian community on campus. 

Contact: Werner Du Plessis

Position: General Manager

073 277 8207

HeronBridge Retreat is a well-equipped and professionally run retreat center suitable for small and large camps for school camps, churches and company excursions. HeronBridge Retreat Centre seeks to encourage and influence individuals towards a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by providing quality hospitality and Outdoor education for predominantly Christian and school groups. The Retreat will hold to Christian values, integrity and sound business practice and seek to honor and depend upon The Lord in all its activities

Contact: Marc Dewrance

Position: Camp Director

082 564 8587

Khulisa Adventures are outdoor adventure learning specialists. Our passionate and qualified team love leading people through various adventures and tailor-made experiences.