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CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679

ACSI Service Providers

ACSI is proud to connect your school with the following service providers who are servants of Christ. The following service providers are categorised below for your convenience.


Looking for new ways to improve your ECD Centre? Here are some tools, products and training that will help you, your learners and staff.


Missed out on some schoolwork or need some more practice? Our curriculum partners are here to help. Teachers, learners and parents this is for you, see the affordable resources offered such as knowledge-based assessment and exam papers, and access to training and professional development.


Looking for consultation regarding legal and labour laws? Increase efficiencies, employee’s happiness, and smoother operations by contacting our legal partners offering employment advice to the Independent Educational sector.


Fulfil potential and achieve healthier and positive life choices.Our partners are skilled individuals who have a range of programmes to achieve these key objectives. Key objectives include values-based social change interventions, redefinition of identity, formation of new relationships and sexual choices.


Inspire and reach your full potential today! To improve the quality of education our training partners develop solutions that are in line with ethical, appreciative, servant and visionary leaders.


Technology has grown drastically over a short period of time; our partners provide quality services to inform users about their options regarding product sales and networking. Contact our partners for more information on sound, lighting and video hire, sales, and installation.


In need of financial advice or alternatives to help reduce cost relevant to school expenses? Our finance partners are ready to assist in developing and maintaining a package of benefits that meet your needs, cost effectively.


Looking to grow, build and strengthen leaders in your school? See our gap year & camping partners who have outstanding facilities offering a wide variety of skill development programs, such as workplace readiness that activate learners potential. When the leader gets better, everybody wins.


Facing challenges associated with education and discipline? Discover the resources of our parenting partners to equip you. Contact them today to help build a positive and healthy culture, with open communication between teachers, parents, and learners, where we can transform character and values.


Want to engage in or find more extra mural alternatives? Read more about our wonderful partners to see how they can build a learners confidence and characters with sport clinics, courses and musical training.