Recommended Reading

We have compiled several recommended reading resources for educators and principals in Christian Education for personal growth and development in various fields such as Strategic Planning, Christian Teaching and Biblical Integration. We encourage schools to share their insights and recommended books with us.

Evolution, Creation and Science providing education resources for students and teachers
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Review: TMuch of this new material is provided in a recently published book, Evolution, Creation and Science, now freely downloadable from Written in plain English, with many helpful illustrations, the case for creation is presented both powerfully and in a way that makes it accessible to the non-specialist. Hard copies can be ordered by email from Endorsements “Evolution, Creation and Science is an eminently timeous and profoundly relevant body of work. ... Every serious Christian ought to have this profound resource on hand as a navigational aid.” Dr Elton M. Black, MBChB (Stell), MBA (USB) (Cum Laude), MTh (Bangor, Wales) Medical Doctor and Christian Thought Leader
Author - Dr Elton M. Black, MBChB (Stell), MBA (USB) (Cum Laude), MTh (Bangor, Wales) Medical Doctor and Christian Thought Leader

Leadership: The Exponential Effect

Principles for Significant Personal, Interpersonal, Team and Organisational Impact.
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Review: The book is superb and one of the best leadership resources I have read.
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Author - Dr. Andrew J Brough

The Helmsman: Leading with Courage and Wisdom

Be prepared to grow academically, professionally, and spiritually as you consider Ken Coley's principles for what it takes to be an effective school leader. Topics include the five forces of leadership, transformational leadership, legal and financial issues, and leadership development of the school staff.
Author - Kenneth S. Coley

Reading Book: How Far Can you Go? Straight talk about Sexual Purity

In a world permeated with sexual images and messages, is it possible to live a life of purity as God desires? "How Far Can You Go" is designed to make students think about the consequences of pre-marital sex, as well as the blessings that come with using God's gifts in the intended manner.
Author - Jason L Perry

Rethinking Strategic Planning for Christian Schools

Strategic Planning is an ongoing, intentional, focused process that drives you toward continued improvement. Alan Pue concentrates decades of teaching, leading, and consulting into a process plan for success.
Author - Alan Pue

On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom

Christian teachers have long been thinking about what content to teach, but little scholarship has been devoted to how faith forms the actual process of teaching. Is there a way to go beyond Christian perspectives on the subject matter and think about the teaching itself as Christian? In this book, David I. Smith shows how faith can and should play a critical role in shaping pedagogy and the learning experience.
Author - David I. Smith

Rethinking Sustainability

When you first took the reins of a Christian school, did you discover that your graduated degree in school administration had not quite prepared you for the financial challenges of school leadership? Have you often operated in financial crises mode? If so, you're not alone: the very existence of many Christian schools is in jeopardy today because of financial issue! Drawing on his deep expertise and broad experience, Dr Alan Pue has written this groundbreaking financial handbook for Christian school leaders. You will be challenged to examine your assumptions about Christian school finance, establish biblically sound financial principles, develop reliable streams of revenue-and much, much more! Are you concerned about the sustainability of your school? Dr Pue s insight, warnings, and advice can help your school not only survive, but thrive!
Author - Dr. Alan Pue EdD

Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration

Too often, teachers feel ill-equipped to present a compelling, integrated biblical worldview. In Undivided: Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration, Dr Martha E. MacCullough identifies the prominent worldviews in our culture and presents a model for biblical integration that fosters worldview thinking in teachers and students and can be used even by teachers with no formal biblical training. Students today are surrounded by competing and contradictory worldviews. They look to their teachers for guidance, but too often, teachers feel ill-equipped to present a compelling and integrated biblical worldview leaving students with splintered perspectives that separate secular from sacred. Through strategic curriculum design and committed biblical study, teachers at any level, kindergarten through college, can develop wholehearted students who think and act out of a biblical worldview in life and learning.
Author - MacCullough

Kingdom Living

Kingdom living-the way God intended you to live-must permeate every part of your life and profession. It demands that you maintain a vibrant, growing relationship with God so that you can reflect and model Christlikeness for the students, their parents, and others in your school community. This book provides valuable insights and practical tips on how to maximize your influence for God wherever you serve.
Author - Joy D. McCullough

Nurturing the School Community: Teacher Induction and Professional Learning Communities

NURTURING THE SCHOOL COMMUNITY was written to address the problems of teacher attrition and lack of professional development in the Christian school. This practical guide for school leaders provides insight into properly inducting teachers into the school, and further engaging them purposefully in a plan for professional growth and development.
Author - James L. Drexler

Steppingstones to Curriculum: A biblical Path

This resource explains how a Christian worldview affects everyday classroom planning and leads to distinctive approaches in curriculum development. It gives teachers practical insight into curriculum planning, implementation of classroom units, effective learning activities, evaluation of curricular resources, and Christian approaches in the subject disciplines.
Author - Harro Van Brummelen

Guiding Faculty to Excellence: Instructional Supervision in the Christian School

This offering systematically outlines a process for supervision of teachers that focuses on improved classroom instruction and, thereby, student learning as the intended outcome. Recommeded for administrators.
Author - Gordon B. Brown

Pivot: New Directions for Christian Education

This book contains co-authored chapters on the themes, ideas, and directions that emerged from the historic Global Christian School Leadership Summit. Their collective insights from the summit represent some of the movement’s best thinking on the future of Christian education.
Author - Lynn Swaner

Reclaiming the Future of Christian Education

This rich work is a walk through the philosophical and cultural history of education, emphasizing the unique goal of Christian education to prepare young people for a fulfilling life under the lordship of Jesus Christ.
Author - Albert E. Greene

Community Governance: A Framework for Building Healthy Christian Organisations

Ever wanted to know the WHY, WHO, WHAT and HOW of governance and management of a healthy Christian organisation? Have you ever come across terms like vision, mission, strategic planning, policy governance, core values, core purpose, accountability, management and governance and wondered not just what they are but how they fit together? If you are involved as a leader in a Christian church, school, mission, aged care service or other Christian not-for-profit this book is for you.
The Resolve Consulting Group Community Governance framework puts together the pieces of the healthy Christian organisational governance puzzle in an easy to use visual framework that is designed for your Christian organisation. Paul Campey and David Bartlett have responded to the call for a practical, hands-on guide for Board members, management and leaders of Christian ministry and provided a framework that describes the key characteristics of a healthy Christian organisation. The Community Governance framework is not a model of governance, rather it is a teaching tool that focuses on the key ingredient for effective, healthy ministries relationships!
Author - David Bartlett

Mission Directed: Governing your Christian School with Purpose

Recommended for administration: Create a mission directed governance model.
Author - Leonard Stob

Mindshift: Catalysing Change in Christian Education

Christian education needs a mind shift. Research demonstrates that Christian education has a positive impact on student outcomes like purpose-driven career choices, community-mindedness, and stronger religious affiliation and practice. While Christian education makes a difference, it's facing significant threats. This book shares insights from over 60 leading educators on how schools can provide a deeper and more authentic Christian education, share stories of love and hope with their neighbours, and catalyse the growth of the church and the Kingdom.
Author - Edited by Lynn E. Swaner, Dan Beerens and Erik Ellefsen

Teaching Redemptively

Incorporate biblical principles into all areas of education.
Author - Donovan Graham

Walking with God in the Classroom

Implement a comprehensive Christian-educator approach to teaching and learning.
Author - Harro Van Brummelem

P.R.A.I.S.E –Effectively Guiding Behaviour

This guidebook will offer tips for handling the challenging student from a Christian perspective, coupled with tried-and-true research. You’ll learn how to P.R.A.I.S.E. by being Proactive, using Reinforcements, Assessing and analysing the Intent of misbehaviour, being Sincere, and Empowering students and the Holy Spirit in them.
Author - Beth Ackerman

Serving God on the Christian School Board

This tried-and-true resource that has provided valuable information and inspiration to the Christian school movement has been thoroughly revised to provide direction and encouragement for every school board member. The challenges, responsibilities, and blessings of serving on a Christian school board are presented in an easy-to-read format.
Author - Roy W. Lowrie Jnr and Roy L. Lowrie

Making a Difference: Christian Educators in Public Schools

What would it take for Christian educators to thrive in the challenging circumstances of the public school environment?
Author - Donovan Graham

How to be or become a Christian teacher

As far as teachers are concerned, many are underqualified and most of those who are qualified, have never been taught how to be a Christian teacher. Universities and colleges are secularised and not interested to teach Christian education. And look at all the prescribed books and manuals: not a word about what the Bible teaches about teaching. That is why two experienced teachers and writers, Pieter Bisschoff and Rob van der Kooy, have written a book on How to be a Christian teacher – A practical guide. In 50 short chapters in 231 pages it guides teachers – and parents – on a Biblical approach to just about very aspects of teaching, in and out the classroom. And the appendix presents no less than 59 Bible texts on teaching and the upbringing of primary and secondary school children.

This book can be ordered from
The Reformational Study Centre also has the book available on their website The Afrikaans language version of the book. Christelike onderwys in praktyk. Handleiding vir onderwysers, is available at the Boekenhout bookshop in Pretoria, at R100.

Author - Pieter Bisschoff and Rob van der Kooy.