ACSI Professional Development

ACSI delivers training workshops to school boards, teachers, and student leaders of our member schools. We have also partnered with a variety of presenters to be able to offer you a variety of over 60 workshops to support your school in the following categories:
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Change Management

Presenter Maree van Zyl


Fundamentals of Christian Education

Biblical Integration

Presenter Sean Moore

Foundations of Christian Education

Presenter Sean Moore

Spiritual Formation

Presenter Adri-Marie Van Heerden

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Hidden dangers of the internet

Presenter Anke Brand

Digital Addiction and God

Presenter Anke Brand

Implementing e-Learning

Presenter Maree van Zyl

Teacher Support



Role and Responsibility of a Teacher

Presenter Sean Moore

Call of the Christian Teacher

Presenter Sean Moore

Courage to teach

Presenter Adri-Marie Van Heerden

Transformational Leadership for Teachers

Presenter Sean Moore

Strategic discernment

Presenter Adri-Marie Van Heerden

School Board Vision

Presenter Sean Moore

Discipline and Classroom Management

Presenter Sean Moore


Sean Moore

Diploma in Teacher Education, a Bachelor of Arts (History and Psychology) and a Bachelor of Theology.

Sean Moore is passionate about strengthening and empowering School Principals for the rigour of leading Christian education in Southern Africa. He is determined to reach and transform the lives of the children through equipping the Christian School Teacher. He hopes to read a Masters in Christian Education in the near future. Sean is an experienced School Principal, serving in three Christian Schools in South Africa. He was appointed as Regional Director of the Southern Africa office in March 2017.

Anke Brand

B.comm (UP), BA Ministry, Master of Ministry in Theology, Doctor of Philosophy. PhD Thesis: Internet addiction. Received Suma Cum Laude (2012)
082 527 1548

Anke Brand is a respected speaker, consultant, teacher and counsellor on the devastating effects of internet addiction. Anke speaks to parents, leaders, schools, teachers and young people country wide on the important issues of the dangers of the digital world. Whether it’s gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or depression, Anke helps you to understand how technology addiction is affecting our brains, thus having an influence on our grades, our concentration, behavior and emotional well-being. For Christians, we need to be alert to questions such as: “Are Christians using technology to transform the world or is technology transforming Christians in unhealthy ways?” As a reborn Christian, Anke understands the devastation to the human mind and spirit due to devotion to technology. This is a necessary teaching for our generation, to remind us that our phone / tablet / computer habits will either amplify or get in the way of our most important longing od all: the satisfying glory of our Savior.

Adri-Marie van Heerden

B.Com Accounting, PGCE, Honours in Education
082 879 4224

Adri-Marie van Heerden feels a deep call towards the well-being and integrity of pastors, teachers, public servants and the Caretakers of society. She is the first South African facilitator for The Centre of Courage and Renewal based on the work of Parker Palmer. Fifteen years ago she and a few friends developed their own ‘’Way of Life”” or Spiritual formation tool, The Rhythm of Life ( which is broadly used and adapted in diverse communities. She has a long history of trying to find more helpful ways to collaborate in reconciliation and restitution; and is still learning how. Adri-Marie is a Spiritual Director and Giver of the Spiritual Exercises (and a trainer for Mosaiek and the Jesuit Institute).

Maree van Zyl
012 941 1546

With nearly 10 years of training experience, ranging from lecturing to teacher and student training, Maree is passionate about training. The thrill of helping someone grasp a new concept or to perfect a skill keeps him motivated. He doesn’t t believe in “I can’t”, he believes in “I can’t yet”. With the right training, determination and effort he believes you can achieve anything. “Reading can seriously damage your ignorance.” Educators are the gateways to the world for students. Let’s ensure they are ready for what lies ahead.

Andre Webster

Formal Qualifications: BA hons, HDE, B Sexology
084 606 2807

Andre is a professional educator, worship pastor and sexuality counsellor. His passion is to educate on healthy sexuality from a Biblical worldview and to defuse the power of sexual addictions. He is married and has two adult children. Andre has started ‘Wonderfully Made: Healthy Sexuality Matters’, providing sexuality counselling, seminars and workshops on sexuality topics.