Footprints into ECD

By Kerry Mc Arthur

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I once had a little girl in my class (let’s call her Jane), who at 5 years old was sitting on the edge of the pool with her little friend. Her friend turned to her and asked her why she kept praying to Jesus. Jane replied, “because He is my friend, and listens to me all the time, even when I am grumpy.” Her friend then told her that she also wanted the same friend. Jane, on the edge of the pool at 5 years old, led her friend to the saving love of Jesus.

I will never forget the way my heart swelled when Jane’s mom told me this story and how I realised that through her mom and teachers little Jane had not only come to realise who Jesus was to her, but also brought another precious soul to understand the love that Jesus has. That is what we do, that is what we can do every day, even when they are little.

There is strong evidence that shows us that brain development is the most rapid in the early childhood. Through this development, focus should be on quality stimulation, nutrition and support, but most of all, love. Early intervention is critical in improving developmental delays and this is where the ECD department can be the most influential.

As a child we all heard the saying “children should be seen and not heard.” This is the exact mindset that we aim to dispel through encouraging involvement from all our ECD schools, including the teachers in this environment.
We need to understand our role in developing and growing young men and woman of God and how we as teachers can encourage a love for the Lord in our little ones. I have lots of ideas and through the year will share these with you. I look forward to a challenging and interesting ride through ECD and hope that you enjoy the journey with me. I encourage you to email me or phone me if you have any thoughts or suggestions of how best we can ensure that ECD doesn’t get left behind or forgotten. God Bless,

Kerry Mc Arthur ECD Co-Ordinator
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