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CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679

Contact: Michael Swain

Position: Executive Director

021 556 5502

FOR SA (Freedom of Religion South Africa) is a legal advocacy organisation working to protect and promote the constitutional right to religious freedom in South Africa. We do this by engaging with government on policies, and making submissions to Parliament on draft legislation, that may negatively impact on religious freedom. We also appear – as a “friend of the court” or principal party – before government commissions and the Courts (including the Constitutional Court) in cases affecting religious freedom. For many people of faith, the laws and policies that are proposed increasingly make the State (rather than the sacred tenets of their faith) the highest authority on what they should believe, These can even overrule they believe they should express or act according to their beliefs. Many of these laws subscribe to a secular liberalist world-view and as such, are in direct conflict with faith and family values.

Our motto is “For Faith & Freedom!”

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FEDSAS is the national representative organisation for governing bodies that informs, organises, mobilises, and develops its members to achieve and uphold the highest recognised international educational standards. FEDSAS focuses on the development of capable school governing bodies of all schools. FEDSAS is the leader in school governance and school management. The organisation was established in 1993 and over the past nearly three decades has grown into one of the most respected role-players in South African education. FEDSAS believes in maximum autonomy for governing bodies and therefore we strive to expand the rights, operational success and powers of governing bodies. FEDSAS supports the principle that governing bodies play an important role in creating opportunities for all learners to enable them to reach their full potential. FEDSAS supports the preservation and promotion of a culture of excellence in teaching, education and service delivery. FEDSAS is continuously striving to establish and build healthy relationships with all stakeholders in education in order to serve the best interests of learners. FEDSAS has sound experience of education issues. As an active, dynamic organisation, we stay informed about changes and restructuring in education and we can advise our members accordingly. FEDSAS is a democratic, non-political organisation.

Contact: Judith Griessel

082 928 2990

Griessel Consulting is a legal and labour law consultancy that provides businesses, organisations, and the Independent Education sector with legal and employment advice. The Directors of Griessel Consulting are admitted advocates to the High Court of South Africa and have a combined experience of 43 years in the corporate and business environments. Litigation skills have been honed by serving as prosecutors and then as magistrates before moving into the private sector, and further by representing employers at the CCMA.