Open Schools Worldwide

ACSI Resource Partner November 2021
Open Schools Worldwide is a service provider of a bridging educational intervention program. It provides an educational component to established local partners who have identified and care for marginalised children with no access to formal schooling in their various communities. We set up partnership agreements with like-minded Christian organisations such as churches, non-profits, and Christian schools. They identify volunteer tutors who undergo our training, and we entrust and empower these special volunteers to aid the children in literacy, numeracy, and some basic life skills training. The goal through our holistic education program is the delivery of the Good News of Jesus Christ, primarily through the sustained caring relationship with the tutor. Our partners and the tutors are the heroes who provide continued oversight and concern for the ongoing well-being of these children in the areas of safety, health, food, clothing and in some instances housing the child.
Open Schools 1
Open Schools was born out of the ACSI office 19 years ago and has assisted more than 40 000 children with a basic education, some of whom have gone on to formal schooling and further education opportunities. We currently serve in South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Ethiopia and Brazil. Close to 4000 children attend our informal education program under trees, in make-shift structures and next to rubbish dumps. They are not on the streets and neglected, but are in a structured environment with loving, nurturing tutors who selflessly give to ensure these educationally marginalised children are not illiterate or innumerate.
Our largest projects are in Chikwawa in Malawi. More than 1800 children attend our program from 11 sites in remote villages. The day we delivered 3000 workbooks was a day of great joy and celebration for many children who had never held their own special book before. These children faithfully attend Open Schools every day. There are no tuckshops, playgrounds, tables and chairs or school uniforms. They are hungry for knowledge and walk long distances to enjoy a lesson under a tree. Drought has brought hunger and most of these children come to the program with empty tummies. The need is massive, and that is what drives us, as the Lord has placed the burden for these countless needy children on our hearts. Our curriculum is being translated into Portuguese to serve the numerous children in Brazil and a team of curriculum developers are busy behind the scenes designing our ‘What Next?’ curriculum package for the age-inappropriate children who will never be able to enter formal schooling. Join with us in prayer as we trust God to extend our territory to reach more children for Christ.