Betereinders (BG)

Contact: Schalk van Heerden

Position: Director

+27 82 815 1224

Betereinders is a movement that promotes reconciliation and restitution to reduce poverty in South Africa. Part of this process is a redefinition of identity and formation of new relationships. Their ‘Zebra Crossing’ online platform helps people from the townships and suburbs to get to know each other. Betereinders are value-driven: they don’t complain, do good things, and work inclusively. Their work includes ‘white work’ and ‘real talk’, whereby the former is preparation for the latter. More important than joining us, is simply to be a Betereinder: don’t complain, do good, work together.
Protective Behaviours (BG)

Contact: Hayley Walker & Hannelie Millar

Position: Trainers

+27 81 436 8445

Protective Behaviours is an internationally recognised personal safety program that enables adults and children to develop skills which promote resilience and empowers them to deal with unsafe situations. Protective Behaviours aims to prevent/reduce abuse and violence and increase safety. The Protective Behaviours skills are delivered in a clear, non-confronting way and use a fun and interactive style of teaching, targeted to the age and developmental stages of the children. Protective Behaviours Southern Africa’s comprehensive list of Education Programs are delivered by a multi-disciplinary team of Professionals including Social Workers, Psychologists, Educators, Teachers and Emotional Intelligent Specialists. We all always have the right to feel safe.
Elle Cup (BG)

Contact: Chelsea Hornby

+27 83 743 0193

A period should end a sentence. Not a girl’s education. Chelsea Anne Hornby is a social entrepreneur and menstrual hygiene reproductive health specialist who founded Elle International in 2016. Elle International’s mission is to bring education and solutions to the challenges that relate to menstruation. Menstruation effects all areas of a girl’s life, from her health and participation, to her dignity and feelings towards herself. Outline of services provided: Education, Consulting for organisations and Empowerment for students and young adults.

Contact: Anke Brand

Position: Founder

+27 82 527 1548

DIGINSA was founded by Anke Brand (Ph.D.). The restoration and healing of an individual trapped in the prison of internet addiction is three-fold. DIGINSA provides treatment for internet addiction using one-on-one counselling, inner healing, coaching and behaviour modification to break the bondage of addictions. Anke is a respected speaker, consultant, teacher, and counsellor on the devastating effects of internet addiction. She speaks to parents, leaders, schools, teachers, and young people country wide on the important issues of the dangers of the digital world. Whether it’s gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or depression, Anke helps you to understand how technology addiction is affecting our brains, thus having an influence on our grades, our concentration, behaviour, and emotional well-being.
Face Up (BG)

Contact: Cayley Jorgensen

Position: Co-founder

+27 64 058 3460

FaceUp is an app through which learners can speak up anonymously and report bullying, mental health concerns and other troubling behaviour happening at their schools. The base of all of our activities is the website and mobile app. They both work as a virtual anonymous reporting platform. Our team does their best to turn bystanders into upstanders and encourage learners to become everyday heroes. Mental Health is a sensitive topic, and not everyone feels comfortable discussing it – fear of an aggressor or not knowing who to talk to are just two common reasons. With FaceUp, a learner or a parent can help teachers, support staff and others identify who needs help. All reports are delivered directly to the schools designated staff members whose role it is to deal with such issues. Support your learners in the fight against bullying and other issues. Turn bystanders into helpers and teach students to speak up instead of joining the silent majority.
Heart Lines (BG)

Contact: Olefile Masangane

Position: Projects Team

+27 83 363 7602

Heartlines is a Christian organisation that has spent the past 14 years developing national best practice, values-based social change interventions. Working across all sectors of society (workplace, school, communities, etc.) the key objective is to provide the church with culturally appropriate and current resources that help answer the question “how then shall we live?” Our interventions are based on best practice social change theory. We are process rather than topic experts, and partner with experts on our chosen topics. Each new intervention starts with extensive research on our chosen topic. This includes literature reviews, expert opinion, and focus group feedback.
Hear Reach (BG)

Contact: Shelley McLean

Position: CEO

+27 82 330 1437 / 011 791 5152

Heart Reach educates youth on sexual choices to re-establish their values thereby empowering them to fulfil their potential and make healthy and positive life choices. Heart Reach was formed in 1996 to come alongside women facing an unwanted pregnancy, offering counselling to help them through their ‘panic and indecision’. We network with adoption agencies should they opt for adoption. In the event they choose abortion, we will not refer them to an abortion clinic, but we will offer post abortion counselling should the need arise. Heart Reach also offers an abstinence-based sex talk to be presented to scholars from grade 7 through to matric.