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CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679


Contact: Mark Khoury

Position: Director

083 7950 669

Wontok assists schools & parents with essential technology / software tools and information to safeguard and protect children online. We provide industry-leading software for school computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that prevents children from being exposed to harmful web content, manages what apps can be used, limits screen time, as well as the ability to pro-actively monitor social media / chat applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and others for inappropriate or potentially harmful behaviour, with real-time alerts. Our innovative software can also help detect incidents of cyberbullying, predator grooming, depression or suicide, and other forms of online harassment that can be detrimental to the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of a child. Schools can use our solutions to fulfil their duty of care and reduce their risk, while also empowering parents with the necessary technology tools to parent in the digital realm

Contact: Talent Chikukwa

Position: Marketing Specialist

067 8734 718

Futureproof is an award-winning team founded by entrepreneurs that believe that entrepreneurship is a way kids and teens are going to create their place in the world and it doesn’t need to start only when they leave school. Through face-to-face programs, the online platform and a whole heap of competitions and webinars budding entrepreneurs can test out their ideas and get mentorship from our coaches that have all started businesses. We teach entrepreneurship for kids and teens using programs offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. All the programs are based on an academically solid foundation that teaches and measures skills rather than knowledge.

Contact: Hayley Walker

Position: Board Member

081 436 8445

Protective Behaviours (PB) is a program of safety and empowerment for all people. PB teaches strategies, particularly to children, to be proactive about their own safety. The Program presents simple safety strategies that adults can easily learn and then teach to all children they come in contact with.

Contact: Dr Anke (former Brand) de Beer

Position: Owner

082 527 1548

Anke is a respected speaker, teacher, consultant, and author on the pressing issues of technology and its devastating effects on mankind. She uses her extensive academic, professional knowledge and experience in the counselling room to help people understand and guide them in the use of digital media. She has worked with school organizations, churches, and law enforcement and has a PhD in Theology on the subject of Digital Addiction. She runs a private counselling practice and counsel parents, leaders, pastors, teachers, and young people country wide while continuing her research and writing. Digital addiction is her passion and focus of her research and ministry. Her teachings aim to disclose the truth of internet addiction, the potential risks and give invaluable insight on how to wisely navigate the digital world and how to keep your family safe by being the gatekeeper of their spiritual wellbeing as directed by God.

Contact: Olefile Masangane

083 363 7602

Heartlines is a Christian organisation that has spent the past 14 years developing national best practice, values-based social change interventions. Working across all sectors of society (workplace, school, communities, etc.) the key objective is to provide the church with culturally appropriate and current resources that help answer the question “how then shall we live?” Our interventions are based on best practice social change theory. We are process rather than topic experts, and partner with experts on our chosen topics. Each new intervention starts with extensive research on our chosen topic. This includes literature reviews, expert opinion, and focus group feedback.

Contact: Craig Rowe

Position: CEO

083 302 0804

Mentor training, Team building, Community Partnership Development, Leadership Programs, Volunteer training, Practical Discipleship

Contact: Kutloano Toko

Position: Program Director

072 890 4270

More Than A Teacher is a school-based teacher internship. We select aspiring educators from local communities, support them to access distance learning tertiary education, provide them with mentors, monitor and support academic progress and facilitate personal, professional and spiritual development.

What sets the More Than A Teacher Training Academy approach apart from other pre-service teacher training programmes is our holistic, integrated and person-centered approach. Below is a list of unique offerings the More Than A Teacher Training Academy approach provides:

Intentional focus on personal, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development of pre-service teachers. Using the Bible as the text for student formation (also called discipleship).
Facilitates partnerships between the public and private sectors.
Together, strengthen each other’s schools through their joint focus on the development of future graduates.
Gradually developing a network for exchange–student teachers from schools, exposed to public and private contexts. Fostering a culture of diversity and tolerance of differences.
Providing volunteer opportunities in townships, rural communities and informal settlements. Reinforcing the culture of young people providing solutions for South Africans; educational obstacles.
Utilize the wealth of knowledge from experienced educators, retired principals, independent education consultants and field experts to shape learning processes.

Contact: Jenny Smuts

Position: Operations Manager

060 823 2689 / 021 674 6931

Christian Book Discounters (CBD) is a retailer and wholesaler of Christian books. Our purpose is to make wholesome Christian books available at discounted prices directly to the public. All our products are available through our online store but if you don’t find what you are looking for, send us an email. We will happily source whatever book(s) you need.

Contact: Angie Pape

Position: Executive Director

082 569 0972

Open Schools offers open and free access to an education intervention program designed for children who cannot attend school or who have gaps in their educational history. We provide instruction in literacy, numeracy and life skills through locally trained volunteers, so that children can be equipped for current and future educational opportunities. Our program is Christ-centred and child-focused and we understand the importance of training the whole child to help their emotional and social needs. The volunteers are our super heroes as they are the one’s who clearly and practically show God’s love and compassion to the children, so that they can know that they have the ability to learn and are loved, valued and have worth.
How we do it!
1) Partner with Christian community organisations, NGOs, and Christian Schools
2) Identify project information and Christian community leaders
3) Train and empower local tutors and volunteers
4) Teach children basic literacy, numeracy and life skills