Open Schools Worldwide (BG)

Contact: Angie Pape

+27 82 569 0972

Open Schools Worldwide provides an educational intervention program for children between the ages of 7 and 18 who cannot gain access to formal schooling. The primary beneficiary is the marginalised child who is disadvantaged due to the lack of educational opportunities and therefore non-numerate and illiterate. Open Schools motivates, facilitates, trains, and equips community-based organisations to provide a bridging education program that teaches marginalised and age inappropriate learners. The goal is to teach them up to grade three competency level and help these disadvantaged children to fit back into the country’s formal education facilities. The program also provides an after-care and supportive/intervention education method to help children cope with their learning difficulties. Open Schools Worldwide is a ministry of TEACHBEYOND.
Teach Beyond (BG)

Contact: Dave Totman

+27 82 569 0972

TeachBeyond South Africa ‘Transformed hearts, Empowered lives, and healed nations through education in Christ. TeachBeyond recruits and sends approximately 100 new Christian educators, administrators, and workers each year to serve in 49 different countries and at over 70 schools and organizations, all of which are involved in a movement we call transformational education. TeachBeyond equips educators, schools, and organizations to serve our Lord in pursuit of our common vision for transformational education. TeachBeyond has dozens of consultants and coaches who work with like-minded schools and organizations to provide continuing education to teachers, administrators, boards, and school owners.

In partnership with local organisations, TeachBeyond co-owns and supports a number of Gr R-12 schools, English language learning programmes, and projects.
Evergreen Parenting 2(BG)

Contact: Lydia Kies

Position: Management

+2779 400 3617

Evergreen Parenting is an international team of passionate individuals – men and women – who believe in the value and priority of raising children. Evergreen Parenting equips educators, teachers, and parents, with courses and resources to embrace temperament types, healthy authority, and compassionate discipline. Support is given in the areas most needed areas, e.g. teacher team building, CPTD courses and discipline plans to re-ignite the passion for teaching. We do learner leadership training – we believe that everyone can be a leader in different areas because the task determines the leader. Lastly, Evergreen Parenting specialises in talks and courses to equip and inspire parents to raise children with character. View their website for more information
More than a teacher (BG)

Contact: Riekies Huisamen

+27 82 621 5500

More Than a Teacher Academy is a Kingdom initiative and commitment to collaborate with public and private schools to grow and empower the next generation of South African teachers. We believe we can improve the quality of education in our nation by investing in the professional, personal, and spiritual development of teachers who will grow into fully professional, passionate, and productive educators who view education through a Kingdom lens. For more information view the PDF below

Contact: Craig Rowe

+27 83 302 0804

CDR Equipping prepares and trains young people to Lead, Serve and Inspire to reach their personal goals and full potential. Mentoring and the establishment of partnerships are fundamental components of walking this journey of becoming ethical, appreciative, servant and visionary leaders. CDRE has been very effective in identifying leaders and assisting them to grow and succeed. We have partnered and walked alongside 12 interns and another 50 leaders who have a passion and vision for their community. CDRE is also involved in children’s ministry, Holiday Bible Club and various partnerships view their website for more information.

Contact: Elmari Brits

+27 12 941 1546

The sciences of learning (education, cognitive science, neuroscience) have advanced significantly in recent times and these insights are at the heart of the ITSI Solution. As a research-informed company, ITSI develops solutions that are in line with these developments – enabling schools to deliver any educational content via an interactive digital platform for both educators and students. A key aspect of the ITSI success story, is the unrivalled training, professional development and support to lecturers, teachers, and students – ensuring they are ready for the 4th industrial revolution. ITSI enables exceptional teaching – delivering an intuitive and tailored educational experience to any educator and any learner for accessible, lifelong learning.

Contact: Richard Jumbe

Position: National Director

+27 63 098 4987

1. We offer teams of volunteers to serve full time in schools as positive role models for a minimum of a year commitment.

2. We offer missions year opportunity for students who have completed matric in 20 countries including free training, accommodation and meals during the time of volunteering with Pais.

Countries include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, Ghana, India, USA and more.