CALL 010 597 6679


CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679

Contact: Byron Wood

Position: CEO

0824 978 074

DorKk is a free online learning platform that offers access to world-class video lessons developed and presented by highly qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. DorKk covers Grades 1 to 12 for most subjects. We are always adding new material and more subjects to our platform. The benefits of dorKk are endless. Flexible education enables students to learn at their own pace and study whenever and wherever they prefer. It provides a convenient learning experience that students can tailor to their individual schedules and preferences. With dorKk, kids can learn from the best teachers, regardless of their location, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations. The lessons on the dorKk platform combine multimedia, interactive exercises and collaboration tools that create an engaging learning environment. Kids learn through videos, simulations and worksheets, enhancing their educational experience.

Contact: Dr Sarie Snyders

Position: Training Director

082 6572 701

Isivuno Training strives to offer training and support to preschool teachers of under-privileged children from disadvantaged areas, especially to those teachers who do not have a formal qualification and who currently provide a service in homes, crèches and preschools, or those who would like to start a preschool.


For Isivuno it is about expanding the Kingdom of God. Biblical principles are integrated into our training, including the daily programmes and lesson plans for preschool teachers. When teachers have a Biblical Worldview and use Biblically integrated material, children will hear about God’s love and will be able to follow Him and also have a chance at a better future.

Contact: Mrs Bridget Kahts

Position: ECD Operations Manager

021 683 2420

The Centre for Early Childhood Development (CECD) first opened its doors in 1994. We are a non-profit organisation, committed to putting young children first by ensuring quality early childhood development for our country’s youngest citizens.

Contact: Janine Broughton

Position: Head of Teacher and Exam Development

083 4973 792

We are a full-service Tutoring and Teacher Development Institute that provides services to students, schools and homeschoolers both online and in person.

We offer unparalleled support and guidance for students from Grades 4 to 12, looking to improve their marks and university eligibility in all subjects. We screen our students in order to place them with a tutor most suited to their needs. All our staff members are qualified teachers with vast experience, to cater to your child’s needs.

We have a team of dedicated experts and facilitators who provide online Teacher Development programmes and courses. The aim of our teacher development programmes is to empower educators in today’s schooling climate, to increase their skill set and share mechanisms and techniques they can use to better themselves and in turn better their professional behaviours and outlook.

Our Subject Specialists develop exam papers from Grades 8 – 12 across all subjects and multiple curricula. With the ever-increasing load and responsibilities of teachers, time is of the essence. We know that setting exam papers can take hours and hours. That’s where we step in and lighten your load – we will develop and set your entire exam paper, curriculum compliant.

Contact: Reinette Holtzhausen

Position: Co-ordinator

072 7399 599

Providing in-service training and professional development for Christian Educators.

Contact: Andre Webster

084 6062 807

Sexuality Matters’ is an organisation founded in 2017, with the purpose of providing a Covenantal Biblical Worldview on Sexuality to serve God’s Kingdom through the means of workshops, publications, counselling and opportunities to speak in congregations, schools, and at conferences. While ‘Sexuality Matters’ is a separate entity, Andre Webster and his wife, Jennifer, who founded the organisation, are part of the pastoral team at the El Shaddai Christian Church in Durbanville.

Contact: David Reed

Position: School Safeguarding Consultant

071 737 9316

The Guardian is South Africa’s only specialist Safeguarding and Child Protection Company, specialising in all elements of Reactive and Proactive Safeguarding. Founded in 2009, The Guardian offers an all-encompassing solution when it comes to child and vulnerable person Safeguarding. Our services range from developing and implementing Safeguarding Policies and Procedures, to handling reports of abuse, both anonymous and identified, to civil and criminal investigation and prosecution.

Contact: Kellie Mannix

Position: Success Manager

073 196 4800


Yenza is a career pathing platform, utilising psychometrics, data science and intelligent design to guide and recommend successful career pathway journey’s. Learners gain access to innovative career assessments to develop self-knowledge and confidence, tools to navigate complex tertiary terrains, access to online short-courses to fast track employability, innovative CV builder to increase chances of application and other tools and services to unlock opportunities.

Contact: Angie Pape

Position: Executive Director

082 569 0972

Open Schools offers open and free access to an education intervention program designed for children who cannot attend school or who have gaps in their educational history. We provide instruction in literacy, numeracy and life skills through locally trained volunteers, so that children can be equipped for current and future educational opportunities. Our program is Christ-centred and child-focused and we understand the importance of training the whole child to help their emotional and social needs. The volunteers are our super heroes as they are the one’s who clearly and practically show God’s love and compassion to the children, so that they can know that they have the ability to learn and are loved, valued and have worth.
How we do it!
1) Partner with Christian community organisations, NGOs, and Christian Schools
2) Identify project information and Christian community leaders
3) Train and empower local tutors and volunteers
4) Teach children basic literacy, numeracy and life skills
5) Share Christ’s love  

Contact: Jenny Smuts

Position: Operations Manager

060 823 2689 / 021 674 6931

Christian Book Discounters (CBD) is a retailer and wholesaler of Christian books. Our purpose is to make wholesome Christian books available at discounted prices directly to the public. All our products are available through our online store but if you don’t find what you are looking for, send us an email. We will happily source whatever book(s) you need.

Contact: Candace Bester

Position: Managing Director

062 689 8823

GRIT Growing Resilience Within

GRIT gives you specific tools to become your own pillar of strength. When challenges come your way you are fully equipped to face them. No matter what age you are we offer age-appropriate, transformational content, which will empower and leave you feeling happier, calmer and more content.

Contact: Genevieve Allen

Position: Managing Director

082 853 6479

Club Engage, an Out-of-School Hours Care Provider, that is locally owned and operated, offers services in Before Care, Aftercare and Holiday Clubs. Club Engage is South Africa’s Leading Provider of on-site Aftercare and Holiday Care solutions. We offer affordable and value-driven, out-of-school care to preschool and primary school children at our many centres across the country. More than 3000 children come through our doors each day and we consider it a great privilege to support parents, schools and communities.

We want all kids to feel AWESOME about who they are, so our programmes have been designed to grow core capabilities in kids so that they can flourish in life. We offer a range of programmes including our aftercare, before school and school holiday programmes.

Our aim is to deliver a ‘fresh and vibrant’ approach to Out of School Care, and to “give children such a great time that they do not want to go home!”

Contact: Willemien Strydom

Position: SAOU Convener Independent Schools Focus group

012 4360 900

The SAOU (South African Teachers’ Union/Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie)is a teachers’ union, dedicated to the highest universal values and values of service delivery.

The SAOU provides a focused service to our members at Independent Schools: Labour related Legal advice, Assistance with your Conditions of service, One-stop Service Centre, Professional Empowerment, Online Manuals for School and Classroom Management (MSM Online)- Free to SAOU members, Access to all our recordings of Virtual Training Opportunities, Regular, targeted communication speaking to all your Education needs.

Members are never left uninformed. In short, the SAOU provides unequaled professional enrichment, professional support, quality service and value to you, the member. #BecauseWeCare

Contact: Andrew Milner

Position: Financial Manager

076 792 2535

Edit Microsystems (Pty) Ltd is an award-winning company that has supplied technology solutions to educational institutions, corporations and community upliftment projects throughout Southern Africa for over 30 years. The company is devoted to finding alternative and cutting-edge technology for learners of all abilities to improve curriculum delivery with a focus on support and professional development.

Contact: Angie Pape

Position: National Director

082 569 0972

We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world – physical, relational, and spiritual. We believe God will transform families, churches, communities, and societies as our educators model transformation and our learners experience it in their hearts and minds.

WE GO: TeachBeyond connects and mobilises teachers, administrators and support staff with exciting educational opportunities around the world. God is using our members, their skills, and contexts, to bring the light and healing of the Gospel to all—children, adults, leaders, and ministry workers alike.
WE TRAIN: TeachBeyond equips educators, schools, and organisations to serve our Lord with integrity and excellence in pursuit of our common vision for transformational education.

WE PARTNER: We partner with groups, organisations, and institutions in pursuit of our mission. In partnership with local organisations, TeachBeyond supports a number of R-12 schools, English language learning programs, and projects.

Contact: Schalk Burger

Position: Founder

082 588 3045

Xhuma is a technology company that builds solutions to address the every day needs experienced by people in their educational lifecycle. Xhuma has pioneered Artificial Intelligence driven career guidance, subject choices and university admission through its globally recognised and award winning career guidance ecosystem.

Contact: Hayley Walker

Position: Board Member

081 436 8445

Protective Behaviours (PB) is a program of safety and empowerment for all people. PB teaches strategies, particularly to children, to be proactive about their own safety. The Program presents simple safety strategies that adults can easily learn and then teach to all children they come in contact with.

Contact: Yvonne Stoker

Position: Owner

082 494 6228

Head Start is a full-blown Edtech provider – offering over 20 primary and supplementary solutions from early childhood to high school. Our catalogue contains an extensive library and exclusive licenses to over 20 000 videos, activities, pdfs and games and that can last through multiple school years. We have vast content pillars that caters for the school syllabus, financial education, entrepreneurship, coding, music, personal growth and emotional well-being.

Contact: Kevin Price

Position: Head Account Manager

012 941 1546 / 081 458 0145

Classroom and extra-class teaching and learning solutions for schools and other education institutions

Contact: Marc Dewrance

Position: Camp Director

082 564 8587

Khulisa Adventures are outdoor adventure learning specialists. Our passionate and qualified team love leading people through various adventures and tailor-made experiences.

Contact: Talent Chikukwa

Position: Marketing Specialist

067 8734 718

Futureproof is an award-winning team founded by entrepreneurs that believe that entrepreneurship is a way kids and teens are going to create their place in the world and it doesn’t need to start only when they leave school. Through face-to-face programs, the online platform and a whole heap of competitions and webinars budding entrepreneurs can test out their ideas and get mentorship from our coaches that have all started businesses. We teach entrepreneurship for kids and teens using programs offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. All the programs are based on an academically solid foundation that teaches and measures skills rather than knowledge.

Contact: Kutloano Toko

Position: Program Director

072 890 4270

More Than A Teacher is a school-based teacher internship. We select aspiring educators from local communities, support them to access distance learning tertiary education, provide them with mentors, monitor and support academic progress and facilitate personal, professional and spiritual development.

What sets the More Than A Teacher Training Academy approach apart from other pre-service teacher training programmes is our holistic, integrated and person-centered approach. Below is a list of unique offerings the More Than A Teacher Training Academy approach provides:

Intentional focus on personal, social, emotional, spiritual and cognitive development of pre-service teachers. Using the Bible as the text for student formation (also called discipleship).
Facilitates partnerships between the public and private sectors.
Together, strengthen each other’s schools through their joint focus on the development of future graduates.
Gradually developing a network for exchange–student teachers from schools, exposed to public and private contexts. Fostering a culture of diversity and tolerance of differences.
Providing volunteer opportunities in townships, rural communities and informal settlements. Reinforcing the culture of young people providing solutions for South Africans; educational obstacles.
Utilize the wealth of knowledge from experienced educators, retired principals, independent education consultants and field experts to shape learning processes.

Contact: Bernice Weyers

Position: Programme leader

084 267 0432

We offer Biblical base preschool teacher training. We have accredited courses and non-accredited courses. Our heart is to equip and support any person that want to make childcare and education their career. We need to train healthy teachers that will produce healthy children. And invite you to join us in the next training.

Training include a 12month lesson plan that is in line with the National Curriculum Framework for ECD(ELDA’S) We have multiple centre’s over South Africa and invite you to contact us for more information.

Contact: Craig Rowe

Position: CEO

083 302 0804

Mentor training, Team building, Community Partnership Development, Leadership Programs, Volunteer training, Practical Discipleship

Contact: Cias Ferreira

Position: Managing Director

079 434 9030 / 082 334 3463

We support educational institutions in personal mastery, team mastery and organisational mastery. From a Christ- Centered perspective we assist pupils and staff in career guidance, resilience, leadership and organisational growth. It is our passion to support individuals, businesses, organisations and churches to develop and grow in their unique potential and success.
For over 35 years we have supported our customers to discover their future destination, to develop their skills, (leadership) competences, teamwork and organisations.

Xpand stands for many things: progress, growing, acquiring, maturing, transition, spreading knowledge, expanding quality and quantity.

Our vision as the Xpand South Africa team is to contribute to the dignity and destiny of our country.

Contact: Georgina Ellish

Position: Business Manager

082 684 9986

Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training (TLT) exists to equip young people with practical skills to navigate daily pressures and to empower them to understand their own identity and recognise their inherent potential. We aim to INSPIRE, ENQUIRE, and ENQUIP by creating ‘brave spaces’ for teenagers to be heard, to be mentored and to tackle tough topics. We want to embody servant-hearted leadership within TLT itself and in the programs we share in the education space. We believe servant-leadership is the only way that we will see the South Africa we all dream of, whether in business, education, politics, home life and families. TLT offers a variety of products and services namely; TLT Tutoring, Leadership Development Program, TLT Hot topic workshops, TLT counselling, TLT Holiday programs, TLT Raising tomorrows leaders for parents and a TLT Foundation.

Contact: Dr Anke Brand

Position: Owner

082 527 1548

Anke is a respected speaker, teacher, consultant, and author on the pressing issues of technology and its devastating effects on mankind. She uses her extensive academic, professional knowledge and experience in the counselling room to help people understand and guide them in the use of digital media. She has worked with school organizations, churches, and law enforcement and has a PhD in Theology on the subject of Digital Addiction. She runs a private counselling practice and counsel parents, leaders, pastors, teachers, and young people country wide while continuing her research and writing. Digital addiction is her passion and focus of her research and ministry. Her teachings aim to disclose the truth of internet addiction, the potential risks and give invaluable insight on how to wisely navigate the digital world and how to keep your family safe by being the gatekeeper of their spiritual wellbeing as directed by God.