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Health, Safety & Security Policy ACSI 2022

Emergency Evacuation Plan and Crisis Management Policy ACSI 2022

Policy Development Implementation and Review
Staff Recruitment Policy_2022
Language Policy 2022

Transformation and Diversity Policy 2023

School Excursion Policy 2022
Asset Management Policy 2023
Learning Programme Design and Evaluation 2022
Assessment Policy 2022
Moderation Policy 2022
Code of Conduct for All Staff_2022

Admission Policy 2023

Anti-Racism Policy 2022
Learner Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Policy 2022

Learner Support Policy 2024

Staff Disciplinary Policy_2023
Staff Training and Development Policy_2023
Staff Contract of Employment 2023
New School Application Process
Accreditation Explained
Frequently Asked Questions
Umalusi Accreditation and Monitoring Policy
Umalusi Policy on the Acceptance of Gifts
Guide to Starting the Accreditation Process
Online Accreditation Home Page
Teaching Staff Qualifications and SACE Registration Addendum 1E
Umalusi Newsletter March 2022
Umalusi Newsletter December 2022
Umalusi Newsletter August 2021


These documents are available as samples or guidelines and should be adapted according to your specific school needs. Please do not simply cut and paste as they may not apply to your specific school situation.


Although every effort will be made to keep these documents up to date, ACSI cannot be held responsible or liable for policies that are outdated or not legally compliant.