CALL 010 597 6679


CALL 010 597 6679

CALL 010 597 6679

Contact: Mrs Marisa van der Merwe

Position: CEO

082 8563 083

MiniChess & MindCo

“Clever game-based training programs to upskill young minds for a fast-changing future: 1. Intentional focus on critical thinking skills, socio-emotional tools, concrete STEAM-skills and creative MC-Coding skills in the early learning years (4-10 years) with weekly neuro-based MiniChess classes, and 2. Strategic leadership thinking skills for teens (Future Leaders) through MindCo short courses – including purpose, building bridges of trust, respect and value, simplifying complexity, healthy and unhealthy patterns, etc. ACTIONS become HABITS and habits become CULTURE. Different implementation models are available, to fit specific school contexts: in-school curriculum-based (own teachers OR outside specialists) OR extra-curricular OR remedial.”

Contact: Mr Linsay Lategan

Position: Southern Africa Regional Ministry Coordinator

066 212 7138

One Hope South Africa

Our mission is to affect destiny by providing God’s eternal Word to all the children and youth of the world. OneHope creates innovative Scripture engagement programs for the next generation. Using research findings, each program is contextualized in order to reach children and youth with the Word of God in the most relevant and engaging way.

Contact: Kerston Hoets

Position: Director

082 852 7956

Booktalk (Pty) Ltd

Booktalk was formed in 1992, with the initial focus on supplying libraries with audiobooks, educational videos, books, and large-print format books. It then evolved to include the fast-growing end-user use of technology through e-books. One of their products is a student reading application called Sora. Booktalk is the authorised reseller of OverDrive Inc., a digital e-lending library service for schools through the Sora student reading platform and app. The Sora app allows you to have a library in your pocket!

Contact: Mr Jos or Sylvia Holtzhausen

Position: Global Coordinator(Jos) Author(Sylvia)

+264 (0)81 661 3545

Genesis Design Organisation

A 3-year age appropriate rotating curriculum, based on the 7 Biblical Foundations about manhood | womanhood | sexuality | marriage. Age groups: 4 & 5-year-olds; 6 to 8-year-olds; 9 to 11-year-olds; 12-year age group; 13 and 14-year-olds and 15+

Contact: Mr Sebastian Whyle

Position: COO

082 5572 372


Code4Kids is the easiest way to upskill your teachers and implement a complete coding, robotics, and IT curriculum in your classroom for ages 5-15 using real-world tools and content.

Contact: Janine Broughton

Position: Head of Teacher and Exam Development

083 4973 792


We are a full-service Tutoring and Teacher Development Institute that provides services to students, schools and homeschoolers both online and in person.

We offer unparalleled support and guidance for students from Grades 4 to 12, looking to improve their marks and university eligibility in all subjects. We screen our students in order to place them with a tutor most suited to their needs. All our staff members are qualified teachers with vast experience, to cater to your child’s needs.

We have a team of dedicated experts and facilitators who provide online Teacher Development programmes and courses. The aim of our teacher development programmes is to empower educators in today’s schooling climate, to increase their skill set and share mechanisms and techniques they can use to better themselves and in turn better their professional behaviours and outlook.

Our Subject Specialists develop exam papers from Grades 8 – 12 across all subjects and multiple curricula. With the ever-increasing load and responsibilities of teachers, time is of the essence. We know that setting exam papers can take hours and hours. That’s where we step in and lighten your load – we will develop and set your entire exam paper, curriculum compliant.

Contact: Chris De Beer

083 307 4350

Position: Director

Qualibooks Holdings Pty Ltd

KiBooks.online – The future of libraries, today! Finalists in the MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2022! eLibrary with thousands of quality titles: ages 3-15. Available on Google Play and AppStore

Library book Resources Thousands of hard copy titles for all ages. See title lists on website https://www.qualibooks.co.za/publications/

Mobile Library Solution (Wheelie Bookwagons) Ideal for classroom libraries and reading corners. Downloadable brochure

Webinar hosts: “How to improve your child’s reading”

Serving SA Schools & Education Sector

Contact: Kevin Price

Position: Head account Manager

012 941 1546 / 081 458 0145

Optimi Classroom & Cami

Classroom and extra-class teaching and learning solutions for schools and other education institutions

Contact: Talent Chikukwa

Position: Marketing Specialist

067 873 4718

Futureproof SA

Futureproof is an award-winning team founded by entrepreneurs that believe that entrepreneurship is a way kids and teens are going to create their place in the world and it doesn’t need to start only when they leave school. Through face-to-face programs, the online platform and a whole heap of competitions and webinars budding entrepreneurs can test out their ideas and get mentorship from our coaches that have all started businesses. We teach entrepreneurship for kids and teens using programs offered both online and in face-to-face sessions. All the programs are based on an academically solid foundation that teaches and measures skills rather than knowledge.

Contact: Angie Pape

Position: Executive Director

082 799 2079

Open Schools Worldwide

Open Schools offers open and free access to an education intervention program designed for children who cannot attend school or who have gaps in their educational history. We provide instruction in literacy, numeracy and life skills through locally trained volunteers, so that children can be equipped for current and future educational opportunities. Our program is Christ-centred and child-focused and we understand the importance of training the whole child to help their emotional and social needs. The volunteers are our super heroes as they are the one’s who clearly and practically show God’s love and compassion to the children, so that they can know that they have the ability to learn and are loved, valued and have worth.

How we do it!
1) Partner with Christian community organisations, NGOs, and Christian Schools
2) Identify project information and Christian community leaders
3) Train and empower local tutors and volunteers
4) Teach children basic literacy, numeracy and life skills
5) Share Christ’s love

Contact: Schalk Burger

Position: Founder

082 588 3045


Xhuma is a technology company that builds solutions to address the every day needs experienced by people in their educational lifecycle. Xhuma has pioneered Artificial Intelligence driven career guidance, subject choices and university admission through its globally recognised and award winning career guidance ecosystem.

Contact: Dr Sarie Snyders

Position: Training Director

082 6572 701

Isivuno Training

Isivuno Training strives to offer training and support to preschool teachers of under-privileged children from disadvantaged areas, especially to those teachers who do not have a formal qualification and who currently provide a service in homes, crèches and preschools, or those who would like to start a preschool.


For Isivuno it is about expanding the Kingdom of God. Biblical principles are integrated into our training, including the daily programmes and lesson plans for preschool teachers. When teachers have a Biblical Worldview and use Biblically integrated material, children will hear about God’s love and will be able to follow Him and also have a chance at a better future.

Contact: Marenda Venter

Position: Author and co-owners

084 548 3149

Pharos Textbooks

Pharos Textbooks for Gr. R-7 Visually engaging and stimulating for all types of learners. CAPS aligned, but as a minimum requirement. From a Biblical viewpoint to ensure that learners are exposed to God’s truths. Available in Afrikaans and English

Contact: Eugene Pelteret

Position: Co- CEO

Reflective Learning

Are you teaching but your students not learning? Our FREE diagnostic benchmarking assessments identify backlogs in their Maths learning. Using this blueprint, we provide personalised remediation to target the gaps going right back to Grade 1 if necessary. Learners can catch-up four grades in a single year! Reflective Learning’s mission is to ensure that every learner has mastered the foundations before the end of Grade 9. They offer a free online diagnostic benchmarking assessment which both helps you to meet the Umalusi independent school requirement and identifies backlogs in Maths learning for remediation. Using this blueprint of the gaps, personalised remediation helps learners to catch up right from Grade 1 if necessary. Learners using this approach can catch-up 4-6 grades in a single year.To receive a demo of their system, you can email : info@reflectivelearning.co.za Resources Demo Process click here to view Demo Process Introduction to Reflective Learning click here to view Introduction to Reflective Learning

Contact: Hendrik Malan

Position: Administrator

082 786 8370

SwitchedOn Education

SwitchedOn Education is a Christian, world class, online, digitised curriculum for learners from Grade 3 to 12 leading to international qualifications.

Contact: Graham Temlett

Position: Program Manager - BTEC

084 4726 284

SwitchedOn Education

BTEC is a service offered by Switched On Education. A BTEC level 3 is a high-quality, career-focused, skills-based Grade 12 qualification grounded in the real world of work while also offering university entrance opportunities. It is a Vocational/Occupational qualification and follows a learner-based approach similar to project-based learning, with a flexible structure, assessed and moderated internally and externally. For more information about this service please watch the video listed below.

Contact: Francis Mashoka

Position: Sales Assistant

082 5386 231

Ask Archie Education (Pty) Ltd

Ask Archie is a Maths and Science digital teaching platform that assists High School users with quality problem-solving guidance. Our ‘user-friendly’, curriculum-aligned online platform includes a self-paced learning tool that breaks complex questions down into step-by-step explanations. Content is updated regularly by our team of teaching oracles. Ideal for learners and teachers alike. Accessible on mobile phone, PC or tablet (IOS and Android compatible).

Contact: Byron Wood

Position: CEO

0824 978 074


DorKk is a free online learning platform that offers access to world-class video lessons developed and presented by highly qualified and experienced professionals who are experts in their respective fields. DorKk covers Grades 1 to 12 for most subjects. We are always adding new material and more subjects to our platform. The benefits of dorKk are endless. Flexible education enables students to learn at their own pace and study whenever and wherever they prefer. It provides a convenient learning experience that students can tailor to their individual schedules and preferences. With dorKk, kids can learn from the best teachers, regardless of their location, empowering them to pursue their educational aspirations. The lessons on the dorKk platform combine multimedia, interactive exercises and collaboration tools that create an engaging learning environment. Kids learn through videos, simulations and worksheets, enhancing their educational experience.

Contact: Willemien Strydom

Position: SAOU Convener Independent Schools Focus group

012 4360 900

South African Teachers' Union/Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie (SAOU)

The SAOU (South African Teachers’ Union/Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie)is a teachers’ union, dedicated to the highest universal values and values of service delivery.

The SAOU provides a focused service to our members at Independent Schools: Labour related Legal advice, Assistance with your Conditions of service, One-stop Service Centre, Professional Empowerment, Online Manuals for School and Classroom Management (MSM Online)- Free to SAOU members, Access to all our recordings of Virtual Training Opportunities, Regular, targeted communication speaking to all your Education needs.

Members are never left uninformed. In short, the SAOU provides unequaled professional enrichment, professional support, quality service and value to you, the member. #BecauseWeCare

Contact: Yvonne Stoker

Position: Owner

082 494 6228

SAToyTrade cc

Head Start is a full-blown Edtech provider – offering over 20 primary and supplementary solutions from early childhood to high school. Our catalogue contains an extensive library and exclusive licenses to over 20 000 videos, activities, pdfs and games and that can last through multiple school years. We have vast content pillars that caters for the school syllabus, financial education, entrepreneurship, coding, music, personal growth and emotional well-being.

Contact: Andrew Milner

Position: Financial Manager

076 792 2535

Edit Microsystems (Pty) Ltd

Edit Microsystems (Pty) Ltd is an award-winning company that has supplied technology solutions to educational institutions, corporations and community upliftment projects throughout Southern Africa for over 30 years. The company is devoted to finding alternative and cutting-edge technology for learners of all abilities to improve curriculum delivery with a focus on support and professional development.

Contact: Mrs Francoise Slater

Position: Public Relations Global

071 030 8612

EcoHome [Pty] Ltd

EcoHome is a unique Environmental Education program for young learners, empowering them with the knowledge and values that are necessary to become caretakers of our planet, Earth. EcoHome’s activities allow the learners to assemble an eco-house as well as 16 eco-friendly items. Each of the items represents sustainable living. There are nine exciting and fun lessons and stories with characters that are EcoHome warriors and superheroes. The EcoHome’s family narrates the stories. As they assemble each item, the item becomes part of their EcoHome and garden, achieving an example of an environmentally friendly home and lifestyle. The 16 items comprise nine lessons which correspond with the nine stories. The lessons teach the young learners important information such as the different types of energy and how all living things need the energy to move, think and jump and so much more; what it means when we talk about renewable and non-renewable resources; what the outcome is if we do not preserve these resources; how life on Earth would cease to exist if we destroy trees and diminish our water resources; without bees, we have no pollination, therefore no plants can grow, and, how frogs consume billions of insects and flies each year, making them valuable to agriculture and pest control and essential to the environment. The EcoHome program assists educators with the advancement of Environmental Education by addressing the challenges of limited resources, teacher training, as well as awareness and prioritisation.